Friday, May 14, 2004

study break! been at the library non stop minus eating. ugh so tired but im still so behind.. this is sooo bbaaddd

i miss you hoan and im sorry i cant talk to u more right now... ill make it up to u later (o=

we just saw some girl with susans backpack except it was a mini version but this woman was quite large.. heehhehe it looked very funny like a optical illusion between the two backpacks and the two people... hahha good laugh

i got too much boba in my drink today.. i mean seriously a lot.. i think im sick of them now.. ugghhhh

umm just found out my anthro midterm is on tuedsay when this whole time i thought it was on monday.. hehe i feel like an idiot... ooohh welll... yea i dont have too much to say cuz i havent done much... ooh well... only 3 more days of this torture and im hoomeee freeeeee (o= can't wait!

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