Monday, May 10, 2004

so i kinda broke my blog... arrgghh.. hahah oh well i will fix after finals...

OMG.. i am soooo freaking freaking freaking tired... im running on 3.5 hours of sleep cuz i couldnt fall asleep. i look like crap... hahaha oh well. annd now i just feel brain dead. someone shoot me pleeassee... finals are coming up and im totally totally stressin out.. i dont think i can handle 3 finals in 2 days straight.... ahhhh pplleeasssee tell me sschool is over soon

all i did today was eat and study chem... garr.. and i like the new look of blogger even though its similar to xanga now. i dont care... im sticking with blogger! anyway... im not sure what i did but i kinda broke it.. ooops...

random question: do u chew ur jello?

i just found 6 bucks! i wonder if its tessies.. haha shh im not gonna tell her =oP PHO tomorrow!! yay... something to look forward to

im jealous of hoan, tam, and bonnie. u guys are donw ith school! grr to u! (o= okie... thats my blog... if i sound grumpy... well i am =oP get me out of this horrid place u call school!!!

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