Wednesday, May 12, 2004

OOOOH mannn... i literally spent the whoollee daaayy at the library... ahh woke up at 1030... went to the library... went to a four hour mock midterm for ochem.. then back to the library again... oooo soooo tired! worst of all... i had to lug around tessies backpack... i mean this thing was hideous, fat, big, and ugly. ehhe the picture does is deceiving to how normal it looks. ehhe on top of that... they all laughed at me!! its all tessies fault cuz she borrowed my backpack and decided to not come back with it. backpack robber!! hehe besides that... the library wasnt too bad. kinda interesting looking at who's gonna come by and what not.

yea that was pretty much my day... feels like a saturday and im tired!! i dont think i have much left to say so im gonna shower cuz i smell...

i sneeze by ending with blowing raspberries. *ahhchoo*!

it may kinda look normal but u gotta see it in person. that thign is so huge that it could fit like 6 text books in there! who is ever gonan lug that many round! i swear that thing is meant for mountain climbers!

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