Saturday, May 08, 2004

me steph and susie went to breakfast this morning and then went to the library after to "study". we found elda and ansony there... hehe said our hi's and had
studying fun.. hahhah at one point.. ansony decided to take a crumpled piece of paper and decided to play bball into the garbage can.. but being the great shooter he is =oP he missed like 3 times and i kept giving it back to him to make it... this one anal woman by us was all "GO OUTSIDE IF UR GONNA PLAY" mean man look alike lady... ahhahh oh well.. i think ppl start getting mean aroudn finals time!

dinner time came and we met with ashlee and ate at cafe intermezzo. mmmmmm i love that place. then after our healthy dinner... old teahouse it is. (o= hahahah we got some interesting drinks... susans tastedl ike strawberry jam, mine tasted like nesquik strawberry milk, and steph's tasted like mango pudding. i duno man.. heheh the bobas were white! we saw grant and started to talking him... haha hes a funny guy.. hahaha... im not hapa... haha justin timberlake dance was funny... ur a character! hehehe umm thats it.. now im back in my room.. gonna attempt studying again while watching friends... ehhe thats it... byee

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