Tuesday, May 11, 2004

i just watched the friends finale as a study break... eck.. it wasn't that great but still... im gonna miss that show. )o=

thank q peter dai soo much for the book!

so the health workers at foothill usually post up bathroom health tips in bathroom for entertainment and such. this last one has to be... by far... the funniest one yet!

"if you're going to fart, and you're in public, cough at the same time to coverup the noise. This is also a good stomach exercise"

"the best aerobi exercise is a minimum of 3 sessions for at least 30 minutes of *wink wink* per week."

"male testosterone levels falla bout 25% in the late evening. Aim to put the morning erection to good use, as this is apparently when you are most horny"

hahaha use these tips wisely (o;

yay... i love random IMs from hs buddies... (o= its awesome!!

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