Thursday, May 27, 2004

HILARIUM is a funny funny game! (o= john and bonnie came over to play and we watched a lot of simpsons... john and hoan know simpsons waaayyy tooo well... ehhe after awhile of just chillin.. we pulled out HILARIUM (thanks bonnie!) kinda like charades but not... ehe it was fun... we played for a long timmeee... john won...good job! we must play again (o=

oh oh... then we watched friends and chandler suggested a really dumb game of naming all 50 states in 6 minutes... being the bored people we are... we tried it ourselves... it was a sad sad time.... =oP my little sister won all of us... hahah john lost badly... and umm i thought detroit was a state... bonnie thought antartica was state =oP nice... hehe only sandy did good with like 42? ehhe yuup.. that was our night...

ooh oh.. and jogging went well ! yay! 1.25 miles.. haha yea yea i know thats little.. but im working it up... tomorrow it will be 1.75? hopefully! okie... byeee

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