Saturday, May 22, 2004

ahhh...i love my bed.. its sooo comfy... ahhhh... hehe

woke up today at 10ish cuz my house is loud.. went to the dentist.. hahah he told me ochem is easy.. hahah haha hahah thats soo funny! anyway.. he was super cool and he said he'd give me an internship if i wanted one which would really be great! plus, i need moola! hehe

after that... i picked up hoan and steven and they went to my house to eat ribs and banh beo.. MmmMmm... hehe after that... i took them and sandy to valley fair... hoan applied for jobs, i looked in a couple of stores and steven got his shoes! "DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD!!" eheheh =oP after that i went to play "tennis" with sandy and haon.. haha we were bad.. but it was funny... GB style~ hehe silly hoan!

hehe now im sitting here and i really gotta poo so im gonna go ... heheh thats my day.. byee~!

oh yea... yesterday... when i was looking for my big duffle bag of clothes... (when i say big.. i mean it fits me inside of it like nothing =oP) it was nowhere to be found.. like seriously! so i call tessie and she said she doesnt see it either.. i call her later at night and it was hidden behind the bathroom door! i KNOW i didntput it there so i dunno who did... u meanie!! heheh so yea.. i reached a new low of forgetting things.. that thing was seroiusly huge!! heheh after my dad reminded me of the two biggest thigns in my room that i forgot (the microwave and the other laundry basket) i forgot the biggest item of all! hehehe oooh mmaann will someone please buy me those memory pills please!

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