Sunday, April 18, 2004

whheee... its been soooo long since i havent updated.. so its about time! (o= yay!

this weekend was mucho fun!! to start off... we finally have a place! we have an apartment!!! yay! so exciting! cant wait to get cool furniture... wheheeee!! so after we signed the lease for the apartment, susans parents picked up all of us (tessie, ashlee, steph and me) to go hang out in stockton. holy cow she has a super nice place and her parents are soo cool! ive been fed so much that i think im gonna explode soon... todai, dimsum, and more yummy chinese food. thank you mr. and mrs. cheng! thank you SUSAN!! (o= we went shopping, hung out, and ate yummmyyyy mango slush. mmmmmmmm what else did we do? i cant quite remmeber but it was fun. now back in berkeley relaxing and getting food coma... tomororw will be a fun day. gonna go watch PCN.. wheeee. heheh ewell thats that... i wil start updating this blog much more.... byyeeee

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