Wednesday, March 17, 2004

holy cow its been a long time since i updated my blog. uh... what has happened since then? im not sure! anyways, spring break is coming up.. yay! hoans gonna go visit tomorrow yay! and asalees bday passed... happy bday ashlee and so did mine. (o= thanks everyone for making it cool. just got back from the gym with neel and now im sitting here typing in this blog instead of doing my hw. whheeeeeee...

me, susie, ashlee, and neel went apartment hunting today and it was bad! i mean.. whoazers.. we couldnt find the fourth bedroom. hahaha.

the egg just scared me for the first time and i just heard the egg scare asalee good! hahahha that is all (o= i will start updating again. yay!

ooh yea... i went to fantastics... it was okie dokie... juniors did realy good. besides that.. it was nice seeing some people from hs again.

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