Friday, February 20, 2004

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

when i got out of math class.. i found a flyer that said i can improve my reading speed and comprehension and it was a free seminar.. so yea.. i thought sure why not.. i called up neel to join me since he didnt have class... and we headed to the seaborg room? yea.. hahah... so we didnt know where that was... we walked through haas and asked 2 peopel and still couldnt find it. i met neels aunt. anyway... haha we thought we found the place a couple times but they were never right... we were circling the same area like 4 times. hahahah after about twenty minutes.. we found the place. good job! the lecture lady sounded like a man! well the class was doing this hand exercise thing where u follow the sentences on a paper really fast while the sheet is upside down.. i duno.. hehe but i did it and i did it fast... hehehe after the exercise... i told neel my hand hurts... and there was a lady that was part of the program that was in the back..and she heard me and said aloud to the entire class that my hand hurt. *blush* hahahahah oh man i felt so embarrassed.. she was like "just dont operate any heavy machinery" ahhahhahahahah oh man that cracked me up good. the rest of hte lecture that lady kept on looking at me.. eeee i shut up after that. hehe well it was funny at the moment =oP anyway.. that was is..hehhe

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