Monday, February 02, 2004

Saturday, January 31, 204

me, susie, steph went to the library to study and read to catch up... hehe thats pretty much all we did.... we took a study break cuz we were getting tired and went to sweethearts cafe for boba... mmm boba... first time i had hot boba drink but it was sooo good.... i couldnt suck up any pearls at first tho... ehehe darn. mmm hot caramel mocha w/ pearls... *drool* i realized ive been talking about food a lot... hahahha im gonna be super fat soon... oh well.. it just feels so good to eat.. hahahahah. so yea... we sat in the boba place for awhile watching people try to parallel park in a red zone. eheh it was pretty funny tho.. a lady got tapped by the car by her husband, and all this other weird stuff. it was fun. then we went ot bancroft clothing store to look for sweatshirts.. then we headed back to the library... read some more... john came to join us for a bit... then we all picked up tessie and we headed for FOOOD! mmmm... ehhe crossroads wasnt that good tho. oh well.

oh... when we finished eating... tessie called up tim to drive us back to our dorms cuz we were too lazy to walk... he said it would be 4 squished in the back of a 2 door civic.. so we thought itd be okie...but noooo it was five people! OMG!! that is like freaking nuts.. the 5 in the back is how much a regular car is supposed to hold.. so there were 7 people in a 2 door civic... interesting... ehehe four sat in the back and i laid across all of them.. ehhe not a very comforatble ride but a funny one. my hip bone was jabbing into tessie the whole ride.. hehe sorry! i couldnt move!

night falls... around 1ish.. me and tessie decided to finally see what the OC was all about.. stant calls and comes over to join us... oh man... that show is soo addicting!! we watched 5 episodes until it was like 5:30 in the morning.. seth is cute!! (o= okie dokie... that was day.... i think im obsessed with this show now! ahhhh

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