Tuesday, February 17, 2004

phew... just got back from bball with steph and the hillside team. (o= yay we won! it felt good to work out... intramural seems pretty cool.. hehe too bad i didnt do too great..steph tho.. MAN.. that girl can BALL... go steph! u rule! teach me ur skillz.. hehe this will be good exercise for every week.. (o= whooooooo...

"why fart when you can burp and taste it" hahahahhah hilarious!

oh and thanks to susie and ashlee for being our cheerleaders. (o=

hoan got a gummy bear stuck in his nose... oh man... hahhahahhahahahh that is like the funniest thing ever! it reminds me of the time i purposely stuck a skittle up his nose and got it stuck.. =D youve been through a lot hoan's nose... i apologize. hehe

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