Thursday, February 19, 2004

OMG! william hung is now officially famous! wowzers... so he was performing for intermission today during the cal volleyball game and we just had to check out this dude! so it was tessie, susie, john, ashlee, steph, tuff, and me that walked to haas pavilion and met with sherry and jen. oh man! william rocked! i want a pic with him! he had dancers and he sang the infamous "she bangs". heheh it was something! anyways.. we heard there was gonna be a surprise for him... we were thinking "ricky martin! ricky martin!" but no no no... he got something waaayy better! yes, william hung, the american idol reject, got a RECORD DEAL from the same people that had 2pac and master p... OMG!!! he is gonna have a music video and he got 25,000 bucks!! OMG!!

so i was feeling a bit wacky and i really had to pee... so i ran into the restroom and right into the stall... steph saw me and laughed cuz i looked funny running while she was brushing her teeth... ahha in the middle of brushing her teeth and laughing at me... she burped.. hahaha while i was sitting on the john.. i heard her and i started laughing at her for burping... heheh however... laughing made me let out some gas of my own =oO hahahahahhaha ... yes i farted... hahahhahah oh man!! ahahhah it was the funniest thing ever that made us crack up like craazzzy... ahhahahahahahh thats it... girls can be disgusting too hehehehhe

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