Friday, February 20, 2004

my first day of OASES! hehehhe oh man ... it was funny.

after class... i went with ashlee and neel to gap to check out stuff... then after we met up with tuff and his friend ansony. they have rainbow slippers! hehehe. anyway...we drove to oakland to tutor little kiddies.. got slightly lost but got there fine in the end. it was so hectic in the Oases place! sooo many little kiddies running around. and yes.. i was taller than them! anyway... first i had no kiddies )o= but i later got assigned to two girls...nicole and donna. oh man are they rowdy. so these two little girls are best friends and they just kept whispering things about me and then laughing. )o= they laughed cuz they saw my underwear! oh man.. thats not even the bad part. hehehe. at recess tho... they showed me some cool games like mother chicken that i played with dani. hehehe it was fun. they had an obsession with my jacket for some reason and they kept on opening and seeing what was inside... i dunno man. anyways... i was in the same group as ansony and our kids were sitting at the same table. i sat across from him. then next thing u know... donna's like u like him! i was like no nono no.. and she told him! ahhhh.. hahah and then she said that he liked me and that we're gonna get married. and then she said i liked this other boy too. oh man... little kiddies. hehee. how embarrassing but cute. (o= note: i found myself forgetting how to do long division.. hahahahhahahahahhaha... not surprising (o= yuup.. first day of tutoring was pretty good. i like my kids... minus the embarrassment and whispering. i need to start regulating! hehe (o= feels good to have little kids run up and hold ur hand (o= yuuuupp... k bye bye

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