Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Friday, February 13, 2004

easy day... only 2 hours of class... then after class... me tessie and neel wanted to go to eddie bauer cuz they were having a closing sale... man that sale sucked. anyway... so left our dorms and almost missed a bus but the bus stopped for us... oh how nice i thought... what a mistake that was! hahahahha... so we got on the 52, not the 52L and it started heading in some weird direction down shattuck... wwaaayy far from our destination.. so we pushed the button for the bus to stop.. yes PUSHED A BUTTON... it was a cool new bus.. no more ropes! anyway... the bus driver stopped for a second and left right away... it was like what the... so we pressed it again... and he stopped the bus at the NEXT stop, so we got off.. well me and tessie got off first assuming that neel was right behind us... however... the bus driver closed the door on him. hahahahhaha.. hahahhah it was the funniest thing ever seeing him still stuck on the bus... me and tessie tried chasing it but that didnt work very well.. hahhaha hahahahahahhahaha oh man tho.... i just couldnt stop laughing... so we call neel and he told us that he pushed for the next stop but the bus driver still didnt stop.. hahahahhah.. what a bad driver! neel finally got off the stop after that one and we all got on some other bus to get to eddie bauer.... all they had left were old people clothing...darn. hehehe.. anyway.. it was a fun bus adventure.

then hoan called so we took the normal bus back up.. and that was that... (o= the bus is funny! at least we didnt take the bus to frisco.. *ahem* ashlee and susan (o= thats it... bye bye!

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