Thursday, January 29, 2004

so i woke up at 8:30 today thinking i have my anthro class at 9:00 ... so i got ready and when 9:00 rolled around, i left my room and headed to class. so i was walking pretty slow so i thought.. man i must be late.... by the time i got to my lecture hall... it seemed like everyone had gone in already so i went in and sat in the back. hmm.. "the professor must be absent and we're having a substitute today" i thought... so i sat there in class listening to the lecture... half an hour passes and class is out.. the professors says bye.. and i thought wow.. that was a fast lecture... i checked the clock and it said 9:30... that was when i realized that anthro didnt start til 9:30... hahah it turned out that i went in the lecture before anthro, sat there for 30 minutes and didnt even realize that it was covering statistics and not anthro... hahahah i am an idiot!

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