Tuesday, January 27, 2004

okie now im gonna tell you more about the fire we, i mean I, caused.. hehe.. okei so hoan came yesterday to surprise me for our two year and i was happy and stuff.. hehe i take him around berkeley... visited some friends, ate yogurt park.. and then came back. when i got back.. i saw the caramel apple covered in gummy bears and i couldnt wait any longer to eat it. well it was sorta hard so i wanted to melt the caramel just a bit so it would be yummier. so it was decorated with these ceramic and metal blue flowers on top but i thought "hey, 10 seconds in the microwave wont do anything.. i mean its only 10 seconds" ... so yea... while i was putting the apple in the microwave in mine and tessies dorm room... tessie was telling me how she almost burned our room down cuz she was microwaving noodles and left a piece of foil in the microwave by accident.. ahha so it was sparking and setting on fire... hehe.. next thing you know.. i smell something burning so i open the microwave... and HOLY GEEBUS, the flowers on the apple were on fire!! i mean, they really were on fire. right when i opend the microwave, ashes flew out and the flowers were just flaming... so yea... i started hecka freaking out.. "omg omg omg, ahhhh" hahahah me and tessie were just hysteric.. hahaha... so we kinda stood there staring at the mini fire in the microwave... when we finally came to our senses, tessie opened the window to let out the smoke, hoan started blowing out the fire, and i threw water in there.. hahahhah it was soo funny. then we were afraid that the smoke would set off the fire alarm so tessie started fanning away from the fire alarm... and me... the genius that i am started fanning the water sprinkler AGAIN!!! yuuup... ahhahah. heheheh well thank goodness nothing happened except our microwave was all black.. we cleaned up most of the ashes and stuff.. heheh what a way to remmeber and appreciate a gift. hehe (o= thank you hoan and sorry for burning ur present.. hehe i swear it was on accident.. ehhe and sorry tessie! heheheh so that makes our number of almost burn downs to 3.. haha lets see how many we can get by the end of the semester (o=

THE AFTERMATH... notice the black stems and petals... oh and how the bears all drowned in caramel.. haha

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