Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Happy 2 years Annieversary Hoan!

thank you for coming and surprising me hun. (o= you are the best. two years may have passed but we still have many years to come. *shaum* thank you for the making me the blue flowered caramel apple. it was very very sweet. (O= (too bad i microwaved it and set ur flowers on fire. hehehhee that was interesting wasn't it... tessie opened the window, u blew the flame, and i splashed the water) whooo.... (o= thanks for everything.. you are the most understanding and trustworthy person i've ever met and im glad that you are a part of my life. thank you patches! i love yoouuuuuu

guess whats under our shirts...hehe its the fat animals boomba and butterball (o=

me and hoaannn in my room (o= thanks for visiting!

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