Saturday, March 01, 2003

phew... looong day! lets see.... i was having a pretty good sleep when freaking bonnie woke me up. hehe. well yea... she wanted to go visit tam and shannon at sciencepalooza so she came to my house. i was still brushign my teeth when she came. well yea... i changed and we went to pick up richard and headed to eastridge. we find them.... look around a bit.. and wait for the award ceremony. OMG.. that was the most boring longest thing ever! sheesh! after taht.... we went to holly oak to check out FANTASTICS. i kinda wanna join but i think im too behind now. stayed a bit and TRIED to learn the dance and then headed back to my house where ly made us eggs and noodles and stuff. we ate, got stuffed and headed to the key club carwash. hehe got a free carwash. yay! but we did tip. (o= we stayed and washed a bunch of cars and took some pics with my camera.around four... we finished... and we all left. we went to my house for a bit... and bonnie and shannon MADE me drive to valleyfair. stupid people. dude.. they were so nuts in the car it was scary. tam sat in the front with me and we were the "normal" ones. hehehe.. it was like IHOP in reverse. scary stuff man! hehe i scared them a couple times and then we arrive at valley fair. we found really good parking and start checking out dresses for prom. shannnon found a very pretty dress and so did bonnie. i really liked the one i found too. )o= too bad i did not have moola at the moment. still wanting tha tdress!! tam tried out a bunch of 50's styles ones but couldnt find the "one". after taht...went around the mall a bit more.. had jamba, and then went home. there was a lot of traffic and bonnie did not look all too well. i thought she was gonna blow up at anytime. scary stuff man. hehe. well that was pretty much it. dropped off tam.. and bonnie and shannon drove home. long day! tired...!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

thank goodness its an early day. man was it a tiring day. so yea... we finished american history x in sociology. that movie is so crazy. oh i failed my biotech quiz. what else? ooh.. at lunch... "william" came by again and talked to tony and shannon. hes a very strange person i tell u. okie so yesterday... i saw this blonde asian dude.. looked foreign or something. got me curious in wondering whot he heck that is. haha well i dunno how it happened but he ended up by us yesterday at lunch and started talking to all of us. he is sooo strange. so he sees hoan and asks him if he loves him and if he can show him love. oh.. and that he should shave his eyebrows. i duno man. then after that... he sees me. its like uh oh.. what does he have to say to me. so the first thing he says to me is you look like my sister. then can i call you sister. and then ... the frightening part... or will yoube my girlfriend. okay... so he says i look like his sister.. then asks me to be his gf. i dunon man... he has serious problems. hehe hoan was no help. =op all them peoples kept making fun of me. grrr =op

played badminton.. i suck at mixed now. thats it. (o=

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