Saturday, February 22, 2003

susie has been very very dirty.. her last shower was about 2 months ago so i decided to finally get out of bed... as lazy as i was.. and headed to bonnies to wash susie. man she was dirty! well i did not have a very good washing day. hehe.. lets see... bonnies towel didnt want to work with me and it wouldnt dry correctly.. but only when i was using it. then i almost sprayed windex in my face and i cut myself against my license plate. i dunno man. hahah the clumsy annie seizes to even surprise herself. thanks bonnie! well after that we played with pictures and listend to the dionne warwick song for like 10 times. god dang im sick of that song. after that... hoan dropped by and gave me choclate gummy bears. thank q. we ate them... or i mostly ate them. hehe. then we all went outside to take a picture of hoan being gay with his car. hehe. it worries me sometimes. after playign with pictures some more.. i left and went home. hehe that was pretty much my day... i should do my hw.. but hahah funny!

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Friday, February 21, 2003

badminton again as usual. then after that.. me and hoan decided to go to the flea market. heheh.. havent been there in awhile. it was kidna emtpy tho. but i got new car mats. woohooo! after that, we went to that one japanese restaurant in grand century... dindt really like it.. then we bought japanese candy. mmmm. i dont remember what happened after taht.. but i think that was my day. relaxing.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

went to badminton practice.. waking up at 7 something before is not cool during break! well yea... after practice... i dropped off people and then went home. i picked up sandy to go to target to get her friend a present. and then we went to longs to rent sweet home alabama. after that, we headed to safeway to buy pasta-roni. 80 cents each. soo cheap! hehe after that... we went back home to hang out. i made pasta... and stupid sandy kept saying Stroganoff.... stupid sandy. yea... we made pasta and i made mucho garlic bread. heheh i mean.. if u have left over butter.. u might as well use it to make bread. (o=
after taht... we all watched sweet hoem alabama. eck.. i dindt really like it.. kinda boring if u ask me. hung out a bit more and lalddadada... then hoan had to go home. i was backing out of the driveway when i looked up and saw the cooooooolllllessstt rainbow! hehehe i stopped the car and got out to admire the rainbow. heehe i ran back in the house to get the camera to takea pic of the purdy rainbow and to tell sandy to come out ot see it. pretty pretty. (o= woohooo got to see rainbow with hoan. i rain all crazy and acted like a little h appy school girl.w ohohoo! hehe. welll that was the highlight of my day. seeing biiiggg rainbow! after that... i drove hoan home and then dropped sandy off at pasta pomodoro. then i was really craving chocolate gummy bears so i went to 2 different longs to just be disappointed. no gummy beras! )o= other than taht.. it was a good day.

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day!!

thanks hunny! i had a great time... (o=

penguin puzzle!
hunny bunches of oats
you nerd!
giant *shaum*
red punch buggie!
marie callenders.
a drive to nowhere.
magic coloring book.

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