Wednesday, January 29, 2003

there u go... looking pitiful... just cuz i let u go. llalldda... really now, pink is awfully catchy. you gotta admit that. haha.

lets see.. school was normal... but it was cool cuz it was an early release! woohoo! tet is this saturday and i have to go do a CSF event... darn it! no fun, no fun at all! oh well.

after school.. a bunch of us decided to go to someones house to hang out. NOT my house NOT my house. ahha heck no.. im tired of my house, i need a change! hehe so yea.. we ended up going to bonnie's house to hang out. we started out by going into bonnies room and sitting around. hoan and tony got to the video games and started playing 007. i went straight for the xi moi... uh that dry tameran stuff. after that me, shannon, and tam were looking at the old yearbooks while bonnie laid in her bed. mmm hot cheetos and cheez-its. mm. haha a couple of people changed a lot. man.. hoan llooked like a little boy! hehe. (o= after that, we went into the kitchen to get some real food. tony and hoan went to play warcraft while the girls ate and watched tv. taildaters is weird. there was this midget guy that sniffed salt and put lemon juicce in his eye. howw sccarry and painful is that?! well after hanging out and watching more tv, tam and tony had to leave so the rest of us left also. shannon drove me home with hoan.

bonnie called me to borrow my hollywood card to rent a movie. but i decided i wait for her to come by so we could go to longs to borrow movies. 99 cents!! yea! thanks tam for the card! (o= *ahem* u need to start turning ur movies on time! hehe. well yea, when bonnie came to my house i gave her back some of her clothes and socks that i got her. after that, we drove to longs. oh yea.. bonnie was with richard. hhee that surprised me. but yea... i borrowed moulin rouge.

i went back to hoans to watch it. that movie is goood! haha its sooo cool. i love the music. hehe they sure can sing. the atmosphere is sooo cool too. i kinda wanna buy the movie now.. 14 bucks at target. yes or no? am i broke? hehe. well yea after that i went home. movie was very fun. (o=

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

man... im feeling so overwhelmed by scholarships and college again. its slowly creeping closer to teh day that determins my future. gosh it worries me. do u know we only have about 4 months of school left?! sorry to burst ur bubbles but its coming! i will no longer get to feel at home wiht all the familar faces of high school. soon i will have to be brought to reality that its a big scary place out there! ahh.. take me back to kindergarten. oh how great those days were. how great it was to just meet someone and say "you're my best friend" so simply. no worries back then about what will happen with your friends in the future. ahhhh.. and scholarships bite!! dude... they requre soo much info. so gay. arggh. yup.. thas what ive been donig all night.. reseraching my scholarships and getting nowhere with them.

im sure u guys dont wanna hear all my future speaking so yea.. lets go back to the present. i had a badminton meeting today. the room was extremely crowded. it was starting to stink up in there. yuucck. well yea.. i am sooo out of shape and so not ready to switch from tennis to badminton. that takes time and goshdarn it, i am a slow adjuster. our first practice is on saturday. TET!! sheesh.. how no fun is that?! oh wellz hope i dont die on the first day. lets see.. oh yea.. we presented our political party in govt today. the "EYE" party. haha yes. the group that legalizes prostituion and marijuana. haha how cool are we. oh oh.. and the "an eye for an eye" policy. haha tony was very entertaining to watch trying to defend us. it was rather fun.

after school, i walked home with hoan. we ate salsa chips and pie. mmmmm food. ehhe. after that i drove to hollywood in hopes of finding moulin rouge to watch. it turns out they were renovating the place. what are the odds that hollywood remodels? anyway.. since that didnt work out, i began to leave the parking lot when this freaking car started backing out on me. hella close to almost hitting me!! goodness i got scared and said ahhh and swerved and drove off. haha. yea look at those cat instincts. NOT!! well yea after my scare, me and hoan went to the library to renew my english book. guess what was bumpin in my car? haha i had some ja rule and jay z bustin up. hahah i had BLACK music on!!! yea yea! oh oh and some busta rhymes too. haha there was cussing in my car! muahha crazy huh? well yea.. while in the library, we found some veedios to watch to. muahha life as a house. woohooo ive been meaning ot watch that.

i went back to hoans house to watch the movie. the star war guy looks jacked up there. haha. but the movie was good. it was sad and a bit demented. kinda like american beauty but better. i liked it. it was fun to watch (o= many weird relationships tho.. the bf doing it with the gf's mom, the gf kissing the toher guys daddy, and a lady who swtiches from one guy to another. interesting stuff. oh yea.. henry stopped by hoans house and they were playing with their airsoft guns. those things are cool! i tried shooting but i really cant aim. oh well. hehe. i want one! =D welps that was it.

after that it was getting late so i went home. haha i started vacumming my house like a mad woman. my house isnt all that big but i spent like 25 mins vaccumming. yup yup.. that was my day. i also took out the trash, and watched plenty of tv. and thats my night.

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Monday, January 27, 2003

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Hoan!!!

*shaum* you are very loved. (o= roasting marshmallows from a candle. hehe mmm but funny. (o= [oh goodness.. i just learned doing that is bad for me.. haha im gonna get cancer now. :::knocks on wood::: ]

wow!! thanks mee famm! you are super cool! (o=

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