Thursday, February 06, 2003

ahhh.. i think im getting sicker!! ahhhh stupid nose and stupid throat. grrr. haha guess what i ate today even though im kidna sick? i ate hot cheetos and a hot instant noodle bowl. haha great huh.

im so sick of schoool and and homework. god it pisses me off. i just wanna cut class and sleep. ZzZzZ

lunch was pretty fun tho. we starteed my ziggie ziggie or zoomie zoomie. ehehe tam got to be the zoomie. it was fun (o= nathan kept on messing everyone up tho. silly silly guy. after school, me, shannon, bonnie, tam, and hoan went to huong lan cuz tam wanted a pearl drink. after that, we felt like being a bit more asian so we headed off to grand century. they had the green waffles! hehe but yea by the time i got there i wanted one of those breaded pork buns. we walked around for awhile and then left to go back to school. tam went to tutoring, shanon went with her aunt, and bonnie drove me and hoan home. when i got home, i was about to leave again to run some errands when i see a army guy walking up my driveway. haha scared me cuz i thought he was a cop. well yea... it was that one guy that talked on the fone with me about joining the army and getting into some program. sounded cool at the time.. but no.. haha. i mean annie? and army? those two things do not go together.

man.. now i have to start doing my english. grr.. maybe after i lay in bed for awhile first. thats it...byee! oh oh.. and i got another letter from UOP. that made me laugh. thats it.

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