Thursday, January 23, 2003

Today, Bonnie was very "special" and so was Bonnie's Finger.

after school, tam and bonnie went back to my house to hang out. i made my special noodles for them. tam ate two and im gonna cook for her in colelge. muaha. we all ate and headed back into my room. bonnie and tam started questioning me again about how i possibly got a cd stuck in my finger. they both kept trying but their fingers were too big. i tried it and same thing happened. after a minute or so i realized that i put it in my left hand. i wanted to show them that it does SO fit and it slipped it in. bad bad idea! i almost got it stuck in there for good again. luckily, i was still able to pull it out. phew! haha so i was saved of doing the same thing twice but bonnie, thats a different story. bonnie decided to play with the cd even after i told her i got it stuck and gues what she ends up doing? YUP! her ring finger stuck! hahhahaahhaha she looked so sad. she was ready to cry. man it cracked me up like crazy. dude.. no wonder sandy was laughing at me. welps it was stuck for good and tam wanted to pull it off. haha silly tam likes to cause bonnie pain. this was too much of a kodak moment for me to not bust out my camera that was right on the ground. *click click*

after having enough laughs i went and brouhgt out all the equipment. 3 pairs of scissors and pliers. haha. well i let tam handle operation "cut off bonnies finger." =oP ahahah bonnie was sooo scared. she screamed and cried and even called out for hoan. hahah. well thanks to tams and mine expert skills, we were able to cut off that cd into many little pieces and finally remove bonnie of her misery. hahahah man that was a funny momment. hahah ahahahah

after that we went back into my room to hang out and listen to music. awww, homecoming days!! those were so fun! we busted out with cartoon heroes, brain, and insane in the membrane and started danciing. woohooo! hahah fun fun! but man i forgot part of the dances but TAM, phew that girl knew her stuff! u go tam!

oh yea.. bonnie was laying on the ground after that while we were watching music veedios. haha. she decided to clean out under my bed. wow theres a lot under there. we found a very dusty binder, erasers, trash, cards, and on yea MY BRA!! hahah yea ive been missing that for a month now. who knows how it got under there. haha thanks bonnie.

MeanyJellyBeany: ill bring a cd tomorrow
blowadogg: hehehe
MeanyJellyBeany: and lets hav it get stuck at school
blowadogg: excellent
blowadogg: sure sure
MeanyJellyBeany: and ill write the word porn on the cd
blowadogg: hahahaha

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