Sunday, January 19, 2003

Thursday, January 16, 2003

lalda.. last day of finals.. why can ti concentrate. grr.. this is going to be my harderst final day too.. i hate stats... that just might be the one class thats going to ruin my valedictorian... sucks man.. its noteven hard.. i blame myself mostly.. but man.. mr dawson needst o learn to teach!! grrr... a B a B a B.. sucks suck ssucks... i will start again as soon as i finish this blogg. lets see..today ffinals were wathever.. phsyics and biotech. we ate kfc after school. then bonnie drove us to target and yea.. its pretty cool looking over there. iguess that was my day.. i finallly got the internet back!! phew.. that was sooo utterly long. i was ready to urt someone. hehe. well yea. now its studying time. i hate internet. it gets u distracted.. it gets u to blog. it gest u to do everything except study. bad annie. bad bad bad!

[sometimes when you get soemthing u lose something in return...everything comes with a price...be careful wat you ask for..you might just lose the most important thing in your life..] shannos profile... very true. i feel like im getting a lot closer to hoan and it feels nice. its (o= but then i also feel like im getting further from my friends and thats like eh...it makes me wonder what is going ot happen in college. are we really going to be staying together? or is high school the end? ... only time will tell..

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

i saw The Lion King in IMAX theatre! it was sooooo big. sooooo cooooolll! (o=

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