Tuesday, January 21, 2003

San Francisco was fun!

my day started out with hearing my family say "BONNIE is here" and i woke up. ehhe i got up, jumped out of bed and arranged my blanket to make it seem like someone was sleeping in it. i hid behind a wall waiting for bonnie to come in cuz i knew she was up to no good. when she walked through my door, i jumped out and scared her. muahhaha now that was good. well yea, then i grabbed my cereal and milk and me and bonnie got into her car. we drove to hoans and tams house to pick them up and headed to shannons. me and bonnie ate cereal while hoan ate ham. shannons doggy is funny. i tried copying him but i think i just got him mad. sorry toffee. after that, when we were getting into our cars, tony made a bet wtih bonnie saying that she cant stay quiet the whole way to sf. that just made it better for me and hoan. i sang my heart out and off every note. it was sooo fun. bonnie msutve been dying. i feel sorry for tam too. haha. welps, we got to frisco without getting lost. yay.. good job shanon and bonnie.

We headed to Union Square to check out some of the shopping. First stop was Macy's for people to peee. i didnt. After that, we went to the 3 stroy Old Navy. the clothes was pretty cheap. thas where me and bonnie busted out our cameras. we started snapshotting pics with teh big magic doggy in it with everyone. We walked around the place in circles many times until we all found each other and decided to leave. Next stop, ROSS! ahah that Ross was pretty big too. HOan kept bouncing his ball and losing it everywhere. Bonnie ran away somewhere and we coudnt find her for awhile and we we lost shannon and tony too. hehe eveyrone was just lost. but we eventually found each other and headed to the big toy store. whats it called....Tao Schwartz. something like that. It was pretty darn big and expensive. They had this really cool display of jelly belly beans tho. they were dancing! (o= muahha course i had to bust out my camera for that. there were peguins too! but yea too expensive so its just more fun to look at. (o= onward towards our shopping spree to Jessica McClintock. i don't get why people make it seem like its so great. i saw crap in there and the dresses were still very expensive. ooh and there were snobby white people in there! not cool at all! sheesh.

after that, we all felt hungry and decided that we should go eat. hoan, bonnie, tam, and I (me? i? whatever) headed back to the parking lot without shanon and tony. bad idea! we went to find the car and it jsut wasn't there. we went in the elevator to search each story to see if the car there. freaking tam just kept saying "im sure the car is in here" but noooope its not. haha u see how tam's memory works? i think she makes it up on her own. anyway, we finally decide on what floor its on but it does not end there. we look around and we still cant fidn the car. Even with shannon's help, we couldnt find it. haha bonnie had to press her alarm constantl for us to follow the sound back to the car. hahah what losers we are!

well yea, we managed to find the car and the way out of the parking lot. Fisherman's Wharf here we come! driving in san francisco is scary. we were following shannons car and she somehow ended up on the wrong side of the street. "that bus is coming towards us!" hahah i was thinking why the heck are those cars fronts facing us. UH OH! haha well yea... we changed lanes back into the right one. PHEW! that was a close one. we make it to fisherman's wharf and i get to eat my first bread bowl "cham" chowder! mmm it was so mmmm. once again, i must mention that hoan eats savage. no idea how he can eat sooo much so fast. its pretty scary. now to think of it, i can go for some clam chowder right now too.

this was the end to our adventure so we headed back into the car and headed home. muahha desperate for some last minute pictures, i snapshotted everything i could see. road signs, a bridge, a parking lot, us! haha i hecka wanted the freeway sign of san francisco but it kept on coming out all blurry. somehow tho, when i went home, i found a nice clear one. yay! bonnie drove all scary too. she ran a light anda stop sign. goodness! hehe thats frisco for you. oh oh! bonnie almost hit 100! so close. and there was this big van that was behind us and they kept on our tail. haha it looked pretty funny. we arrive in san jo, bonnie drops tam, hoan and then me off. that was my day. full of fun, laughter, and friends. (o= must do it again!

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