Sunday, January 19, 2003

hello world! annie is back. lets see, i woke up at 9:15 cuz bonnie woke me up. we were supposed to go do community service but then yea, it was in los gatos and thast hecka far. it was also very very foggy. sorry bonnie and tam if you guys were bugged for the flaking. anyway, i got up and started doing all this junk to my comp. later, shannon and tony came by and we all went to pikc up bonnie and went to qcup. mmm popcorn chicken. stupid bonnie ran off for the longest time and when we found her, she kept running. oh yea oh yea! i got the coolest penguin stickers! yay! thank qs! (o= well after that adventure, we headed back home.

shannon dropped off hoan, picked up tam, and then dropped off bonnie. now its time for NHS community service. SUNDAY FRIENDS. oh joy! haha. welps, it was pretty dead there but i did get some penguin stickers. ((shhh, shannon stole them for me. (o= )) i went home around 4 and find bonnie at my house hanging with sandy. those nuts. i am the champion!! BOP IT QUEEN!! hehe. did i tell u bonnies a freak yet? cuz she is. she freaked the heck out of me with her rocking. she sounded like a crazy woman in an asylum. ahhhhh!! i mean, how would you feel if u had that [see picture below.] attack you?!?! ehhehe... well that was my day.. now im off to do absolutely nothing. (o=

Everyone, lock your doors! There's a BONNIE on the loose! ((i love having a digital camera. =D))

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