Sunday, January 19, 2003

Friday, January 17, 2003

finals are over! yay!
a bunch of us went to eat in mcarthy ranch.. ended up eating hometown buffet. goodness... reminder to self: never eat buffet with these nuts again. freaking hoan eats savage! he stuffs hecka in his mouth and takes bite after bite even when hes not done chewing. crazy dude. bonnie ate clam chowder (which was really nasty) with ice cream in it. ewww. shannon made like 10 ice cream cones... poor girl misses dairy queen. but dude, she just kept on eating and eating. im sorry tam for wasting food. =oP tony said i shrunken 3 years. that makes me like 14. muhaha teeny bopper status! well yea.. we ate and stuffted our faces like crazy. i hecka felt like throwing up. eck. i made myself a cone, but it was ugly. chocolate somehow tasted soour and fruity. i dunno man. my ice cream turned out looking like a tulip! look at that raw talent!

note: hoan... please stop messing up my perfectly shaped cone! do=

memory: oh how ice cream brings back memories. i remmeber taking a trip to the flea market with my mommy and aunt. it was a hot day. scorchering i'd say. i was given money to go buy myself a cone. that was where it all started. as soon as i bought it, i took about 3 licks, and *plop* goes my ice cream. the big ball laid flat on the ground while i stood holding now an empty cone. *sigh* my poor ice cream. it was just like the those television shows. anyway, my mom felt bad for me and gave me moola to buy another one. i got in line and when i was in the front again.. they gave me a free cone! hahahhaha.. they saw what i did and felt sorry for me. what a little girl! truth is tho.. i was 14. = \ hehehhehe that was my story of the day.

[the macaroni and THE cheese]

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