Thursday, August 15, 2002

<< 8/13/02 >>
dum dum dum... orientation day at creek...ahh that means schools starting soon. well yea.. bonnie came to my house and i drove to hoans hosue and picked him up. we met up wtih justina, tam, shannon, and a bunch of other peepo. got my schedule.. theres so many thigns wrong with it.. eck... well for now.. i have 2 classes with hoan which is cool.. and 3 with shannon back to back.. haha =D cool. same thing again. yea.. after we all finished.. went to albertsons and got starbucks.. guess we just needed a place to go. then after.. went back to tonys house and basically spent the rest of the day there. watched a mahjong moviel... i wanan learn.. and played ping pong. =D purdycool. wat else... we watched a lot of music videos.. purdy cool just hanging out.. i think shannon and tony are more touchy than me and hoan. ahha.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

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i think this is very much me (o=

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good morning! lets see... i miss hoan! )o= gosh.. it hasnt even been that long and i miss him already... i dunno.. that was the first thing i thought of when i woke up.. does that mean i like him taht much? i think hes right about one thing tho.. the fact that someones not around for awhile just makes you realize how much more you like them. went to sleep late last night... felt weird cuz i didnt get to say good night to hoan or talk to him a bit before i went to sleep.. made me a bit sad )o= felt a little teary and dunno why. weird. but yea.. now its morning and i wanna call him up. but i cant! darn it! i really do miss him tho. darn.. well lets see what i end up doing for the rest of the day

its 10 now.. look.. i got the day to pass... took awhile.. man i miss hoan. i miss him a whole lot and its only been a day. how horrible! )o= andu kno what.. i think ive been dramatic today.. haha the littlest things made me wanna tear.. haha i was pulling off a shannon. crazy.. dunno why tho.. lets see.. i woke up at 10..didnt do much today.. did a couple summaries and played cs.. that was basically all i did. mom gave me and sandy moola to school shop! yea! shopping on our own. cool! thinking mervyns, ross, great mall? yea somethign like that. i really miss my patches. now im stting with togo in my lap )o= listening to sappy love songs. hehe... oh wellz.. the days over.. go to sleep early and give my grandma a ride tomorrow to the doctors. I MISS HOAN SO MUCH whats wrong with me? i feel very saddened when i shouldnt... ah stop it annie. (o= happy happy! there ew go ... happy happpy... tomrorows the meteor shower... from 12-3.. am i gonna watch it? id unno... its no fun when theres no one to watch it with.. (hoan)...awwwwwww

<< 8/10/02 >>
woke up early today! 6:20! there was a key club event so yea... i woke up bonnie who woke up shannon who woke up tam. so i get ready and bonnie picks me up.. was hungry so ate a banana and gave bonnie one too. then we head off to tams house, pick her up and head to the mervyn's on blossom hill. its kinda far.. havent been there before. i think i wanna take hoan there ... i wanna ask my mom for money to buy clothes.. i think thats a good idea. well, the key club thing was for us to help little kids shop.. they get to spend 102! so that was pretty cool. my kid was KIM... she was really talkative and cool. bonnie got her 2nd oldest sis and shannon got her oldest sis. hehe i learned a lot about them from my kid.. purdy cool. she was a really fast shopper too! hehe she was all telling me about her boyfriens and everythign.. she had 3 already and shes only in 5th grade! crazy! well yea we finished around 9ish and decide to go eat breakfast together.. went to dennys and it was too crowded.. so we went to bakers.. we all bought skillets.. it was okie.. pretty good when ur hungry! so yea i bought that for him.. (o= ill surprise hiim with that later.. then yea.. shannon wanted to go to the carwash but first she had to go drop off tam and pick up henry. me and bonnie decided to just hang out at traget to waste time. haha.. purdy cool.. then we went really slow in a neighborhood.. see how sad we are?? with a car and we still do retarded stuff.. shifted to neutral and drove like that too. haha. then we met back with shanon at creek.. she got her carwashed.. felt bad for our class... we practially had no customers. i felt bad that i didnt help but there wasnt much i could help since there wasnt any cars! sorry!

then we headed back to shannons house cuz we havent been there in a long time. thoguth she was bringing chris but endedup wtih a jsut a dreamcast.. we played gigawing at her house... hehe i got lost and didnt know who i was most of the time. oh well. then shannon had to go to work around 2 and as usual.. the indecisive bonnie and annie just sit there since we dont kno where else to go. so we played with vickys dog.. dang its hyper. later.. haha i told her lets just go back to my house cuz i think we were bugging vicky. i drove back to my house and we lay down for awhile.. we both ended up sleeping for about an hour.. haha stupid sandy jsut sat there watching tv. weirdo! then we woke up.. bonnie and sandy play cs for a bit and we head out for slurpees and to shannon since she has a break. we ended up being late.. i think she was sorta mad. so yea i think we wasted her break. sorry shannon! we came with jamba for her and she had to head back to wrk. walked around and looked for caps for shannon to buy steven. shes getting the cheaper one.. good job! walked around somemore.. saw mcdonalds and now made a bet with bonnie that she cant go a year without eating mcdonalds... the price: $7.52 muhhaha i think ill win =D. walked around somemore and sat in front of orange julius. my blister burn thing popped. haha its gross. shannon gave us a blizzard.. it was good. thanks shannon! (o= then it was getting a bit late and so we decide to leave alone.

i ddint feel liek going home quiet yet so we headed to bonnie first. she showeed me the blog during the ice skating one. hehe she said i didnt pick a good one.. wonder what else she has in her blog. welps.. seemed lke she liked calvin a lot. then ye.. headed back to my house and i showed her my blog. hehe puryd cheesey at thetop.. i told her not to read it! oh yea.. dennis and tony were outside my house. ehe talked to them for awhile and then i had to go in and they left. we were just messing with the blogs and seeing how much we cussed in them. i cussed less than i thought. i made bonnie a cd which took me 3 tries! stupid cd 2000 thing! oh wellz..hehe it was purdy NORMAL except forthe grease song. ahah. bonnie played CS for a while and then calvin calls her so she leaves RIGHT away.. hah silly bonnie. so leaves and then i play CS for awhile.. not like i have much else to do... that ends my night and i went to sleep around 1ish.

i realized that i realy cannot be alone. im really scared for when college comes. i dunno why but i realy cant be alone.. i need someone to accompany me or else ill feel really weird. i missed hoan a lot today.. thought of him.. wished i couldve talked to him a bit more. )o= what am i going to do in college? gosh! maybe i shouldnt talk to hoan as much anymore and start getting used to not having someone around for me all the time. its hard when hoans just always there for me and hes just so great. i love spending time with him and its always fun. to think in a YEAR its not going to be the same anymore.. im going to be off with probbaly no one i really know and no one to really talk to. its SCARY! what is wrong with me? why cant i stay alone anyway? maybe its the fact that all my life.. ive always had someone there for me to be a friend and more.. but when college comes.. its a whole new territory that i dont think ill be able to do very well. argh.. I MISS HOAN!!

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