Sunday, July 28, 2002

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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Sunday, July 21, 2002

>> 7/18/02 <<
whoazers! hha i didnt go to school today.. (o= first time i ditched the entire day. lets see.. we had a sub in class so yea.. me, shannon, hoan, and justina decided to not go to school.. too early at 8 and nothigns open so we ended up going to bonnies house.. hahah we woke her up.. that loser. hehe yea.. so we hung out at her house playing cs and reading magazines while her crazy cuz sean was super hyper. hehe we hung out for awhile.. aroudn 10 we decided to go to great mall to hangout.. shannons a really good driver but yea.. but we first stopped by q-cup cuz i havent tried it before.. too bad it was closed.. so yea.. we were walking around the mall ... met up with my famm and clare and stuff... and walked around and ate mcdonalds.. ahha went all the way there to eat mcdonalds. ehhe so yea.. there were about 15 peepo missing from class.. tsk tsk.. hehe i was fun tho.. after that shannon drove justina back to school.. we decided to go bowling.. ont he way there.. bonnie had to go home.. so she was taken home and shannon drove me back to my house and hoan went to hang out at tonys house.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Thursday, July 18, 2002

vrrooom! hehe lets see.. went to art like usual.. same o same o... we glazed our cups.. hmm hoan looked hecka out of it.. that loser.. wonder if there really was anyting wrong with him. hmm lets see.. during break me, shannon, hoan, and justina decided to go to mcdonalds to grab something to eat. hehe shannon drove there.. she drives really well. (o= hehe then yea.. we had justina drive back since we havent seen her drive before. she is a pretty scary driver. hahah omg.. when she lane changes.. its so sharp or something.. haha scary! hahah yea.. then we went back to art class.. hung out and stuff... then yea... after school.. hehe i drove with shannons car./.. vrooom.. hehe i drove to hoans house.. then yea.. we took out the camry for a joyride (o=.. hehe lets see.. hoan drove to target.. hehe it was cool.. got hair ties, a cool purse, and markers! yay.. hehe (o= hehe hoan got markers too. then yea.. out of gas.. so we went to refill and we decided to go to the library.. hehe yya.. got books.. they still dont have a walk to rmemeber tho.. darn.. hehe got some stephen king books.. eee scary... hehe guess who we see leaving the library.. bonnie! yup with her mommy.. so yea.. hehe we checked out the books.. haha hoan hasnt been there so long that he didnt kno they stopped having the clerks check out. anyway.. on our way leaving the library AGAIn.. i see bonnie driving. .this time on her own. hmm wonder why she came back.. well to retrun books but weird hwo we see her again...hehe yea.. then after that.. we went to subway... bought a sandwich for sandy and for us and headed to my house.. hung out for a bit.. then went to school wtih hoan so i can retrun the tshirt ms. nunes gave me.. wrong color! hehe dang.. there was open gym and it was hecka crowded.. there were ehcka peepo from other schools too..crazy. hehe the repaitned the gym and added new lights.. it looks a whole let better.. thank goodness! hehe yea talked to her a bit and then headed off with hoan.. he drove me home and then he drove home.. hehe now im just sitting here.. heeh weightraining in about an hour.. (o= pretty cool to have a car to get places.. hehe a lot funner and less time consuming.. (o= (o=!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002


Tuesday, July 16, 2002

lallda...went to art class like usualy.. didnt do much.. pretty funny day tho.. lots of laughs during art.. heheh a lot more awake than yesterday... lets see.. i finsihed drawing justina's guy.. haha adn i drew footprints.. didint look right but its okei dokie... hoan drew me a pic.. hehe loooks pretty cool.. im in overalls and theres an apple tree (o= after art... dennis drove me and hoan back to my house.... we hung out.. heh i showed photos of my family.. hehe sanyd looked funny.. i looked so oogly... hhehe yea.. we just hung out.. sandy played cs a bit.. hehe watched spongebob... oh yea.. i made ravioli.. eww they werent taht good.. all veggies! i wanted meat! darn.. oh wellz. oh yea... my senior portraits came... eck! they are so eck! gosh.. i dont think i have any that look nice.. some look "okay" but thats it.. darn it.. i wanna take retakes but im probably not going to.. stupid photographer.. i blame her.. didnt even fix my hiar.. its all sticking up everywehre.. darn her!oh wellz.. lets see.. i cant remmeber anything much taht happened today... hmm shannon left class to go shopping.. haha pretty funny. hmm played cs with hoan a bit.. then we went weight training.. now im home bored.. hehe music sucks right now.. cant find a song i like... oh yea.. david wrote a poem about me.. eck.. thers like a pic of me and him at prom.. made me feel so argh.. i dunno.. not sad.. kidna mad.. cuz i dont think he should put something like that up without asking me. i feel bad for making him feel sad and stuff... sorry... i dunno.. hmm.. u kno how many peepo go to his website... gosh! it makes it seem like im so bad and eveything.. and u kno.. im with hoan now.. and they see that pic.. its like wat the heck? argh.. stupid guy...yea i dunno.. not much really happened today.. it was pretty nice hanging otu with hoan tho (o=

Monday, July 15, 2002


Sunday, July 14, 2002

haha i thought it was 12.. silly me.. its only 11... lets see... woke upa roudn 10 today.. relaxed a bit.. took a shower.. forgot my towel.. had ly get me one.. haha. then yea.. my mom told us to go with her to get a table for the backyard to sit at for bbqing.. soyea.. i drove to my mom's friends house wtih sandy, my mom, and aunt. hehe parrked the car.. (o = pretty good parking.. then my aunt took the pick-up truck and we drove to aunt trang's house to pick up frank.. the table was supposedly really heavy.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

too tired last night.. writing blog today... started out with the carwash for key club.. MUST be GOLD MEMBERS! hehe.. yea.. it wasnt as fun as last time.. i dunno.. everyone seemed kinda out of it.. not fun.. darn..bonnie was quieter, hoan looked kinda sad.. or that what kim said.. and shannon was being i dunno.. i was tired too.. so yea not as fun.. we all spent time drying.. hehe didnt wash the whole day. wel yea... we were pretty bored and didnt feel like working anymore so shannon was going to take us somewhere to get some food or a drink... we barely leave the parking lot and u see shannons parentts.. omg.. and so we had to turna round right away and go back into the parking lot.. its like talk about bad luck man! sorry shannon. hope she didnt get in trouble. hoan went out wiht henry, edwin, and stuff. cool with me. i really think he should go out with them more.. dont want him to get stuck wiht me all the time.. hehe and besides, i think hed probably have a lot of fun.. a different fun than with me.. but he really shoul,d! (o= yea.. so shannons parents turned around again or something, and so shannon had to go to her aunts show. me and bonnie sat around feeling fustarted about how we cant drive! argh.. it sucks so bad! especailly now that i have my license, i cant have insurance to drive anywhere.. whats worse is what car is even available to me.. ai yah. but yea.. then hoan came back and we didnt kno wat to do so we went to his house.. he played wc3 while me and bonnie sat around playing with his toys.. he has a cool fan! then yea.. hoan said lets go to great mall.. so we went. that was pretty weird.. awkward. well yea.. i felt like i was stuck in the middle. i didnt want hoan to feel left like i just want to hang out with bonnie.. and i didnt want bonnie to feel like the 3rd wheel. so yea.. i was trying to hang out with both and stuff.. its kinda hard when they somtimes just decide to walk at different paces. argh.. hoan didnt look very happy... but yea.. I TRIED okay? wanted to make eveyrone comfortable but it was still pretty awkward tho.. we just walked around a bit.. got frosty bites.. mm.. talked about driving and cars.. and headed to frys. man.. its been forever since ive been there. i mean a very long time. but yea.. after that hoan dove me and bonie back to my house.

hoan took a long nap while bonnie waas at my house.. when i got home.. my mom was all teling me about anh (key club) cuz she met her mom at the beauty salon. so gay.. comparing me to her and saying how shes such a good girl. its so stupid tho.. she acts like im so bad u know.. argh.. i think i am considered a pretty god girl if uw ant to compare to me a lot of other kids in high school so i dunno wat the heck shes talking about. i am 17 now and shes still getting mad cuz i dindt tell her that i was going to the great mall. its such a little deal but she makes it so bad. and she goes and compares me to a kid she doenst even kno. who stays home all day?? and not talk to n the fone? my butt she doesnt go out. so say.. and shes "hien".. .haha her? sure doesnt seem like it to me.. shes hecka loud and kinda bossy and stuff. not like thers anytihg wrong with anh.. but she should appricieate the daughter shes got cuz i am a good kid! anyway.. oh yea.. found out my dad bought me a video card.. yaya.. didnt expect to get that but cool! sandy got more memory and disk pace.. i think its faster than mine now. but yea.. then my mom made pho.. hehe it was yummy. then we had mangoes hee then me and bonnie were trying to prove to each toher that we were more mature than the other person. hehe i AM more grown up! yea huh! hehehe. but yea.. then we spent the rest of the evening watching tv and hanging out. it was pretty cool. bonnie left around 10. i called hoan since i didnt get to talk to him all day... we talked a bit.. then played CS.. i wasnt doing too shabby.. and hoan was kickign butt liek usual. then tiw as getting late... so brushed my teeth.. talked to haon some more.. felt sleepy.. so went to sleep.. i think i mgihtve fallen assleep on thefone too. over all.. today wasnt that bad.. just could've been better.. i dunno how to make more comfortable betweens friend and bf.. hmm...

Friday, July 12, 2002

hello there blog! hehe its 8 right now.. about to go biking wtih hoan when he arrives.. (o= lets see.. today was pretty cool.. went to art like usual.. i was fixing my cup and stuff.. finsihed early and i sat aroudn for the longest time.. haha donig absolutely nothing.. its so sad.. heh diane is so gay.. and so are all those guys at that table.. argh.. they have the nerve to comment on shannon like that.. she is pretty.. and they are all butt ugly.. arghz makes me mad! who do they think they are"?? hehe ngoc had the same view as me and we were both arghz about it... shannon should've been more. yea.. listened to music with hoan for awhile.. it was cool.. hehe we got sick of the cds and started listening to the radio with oldies.. still pretty cool. (o= madonna! hmm lets see.. then shannon brought out some paint.. uuuu.. i was bored so i decided to paint.. hahah i had no idea what to paint so yea.. i started painting my hand pretty colors.. (o- hahah it was all colorful and then i patted it on the paper.. finger painting!@ havent done that in ages... hee it was cool. so colorful.. my hand all over the place. hehe then yea.. i tried drawing hoan.. it was pretty good.. i said he looked like an elf so i painted him green.. haha realized later they werent green.. tehy just wear green.. sill silly me! haha i drew justina too! haha omg.. that was the funniest! she was wearing a purple and blue dress and glasses that matched her skin. hehe had headfones on too.. and yea! her hair was all over the palce.. haha she looked so pretty! haha.. henry painted the other side of my hand too.. haha my whole hand was painted! it was so coool! haha hoan was drawing.. drew me wtih a really small head.. hmmph! sahnnon drew a cool beach scene too.hehe.. well yea i gave hoan tha pic.. (o= after school..hung came and picked me and hoan up to go to the movies with sandy.. hehe we saw AM I BEEF (MIB) and she saw powerpuff girls.. (o= hehe the movie was pretty cool.. not the best.. but okay.. (o= kinda funny. hehe it was nice watching the movie with haon.. whne it was over we went in the arcade.. and took these reallly cool pics! heh they're hecka cool. haha we spent 8 bucks on pictures! (o= hehe i pressed the wrong button and ended picking the one person one.. hehe it distored hoans face.. hahah helooked hecka fat!! haha it was funny! then we took 2 coouple pics.. aww.. they came out really nice.. hoan looked really cute.. =D love that smile! hehe and then we took one of me all distorted.. hehe (o= ehhe it was really cool.. they actually sketch out how u would look or something.. haha.. interesting.. haveint seen that before. then after.. my aunt came to pick us uup and we went back to her house for pizza. it was cool.. the floors hecka slippery!! hehe we ate and drank kerns.. mmm.. oh yea.. she gave me KIX too.. mmm delish! haha i spilled quite a lto and i tried hiding them in sandys shoe.. darn! she almost fell for it.. hehe yea we hung out there for a bit longer and then we drove hoan back home. hehe then we went home.. (o= it was realy funn hanging out.. (o= very nice day

just got back from biking with hoan.. hehe it was nice.. we biked to dove hill and sat at the benches to just hang out.. hehe it was pretty cool. he kept on kissing me! STOP IT! (o= hehe i kept on pushing and beating the poor guy up too... haha i think i was being abusive today.. im gonna grow up to be a man beater! hahaha.. thatd be cool.. hehe yea we sat there for awhile.. huggeed.,.. it was nice.. oh yea.. hah i kept on spittign on the ground and then hoan woudlnt let me kiss him *sniff sniff* u meanie! hehe yea.. later we just hugged, cuddled, and kissed. (o= it was really sweet.. hehe *HugZ* *MUaHs* hhehe wat a nice way to end the day.. awwww... biking or hanging out with hoan was really fun.. hehe lots of laughs! (o= heheh ... nice day spent out.. yay.. weather was perfect.. i saw the moon and a planet and TWO airplanes.. hehe (o=.. thanks hun.. it was a really sweet time!


Thursday, July 11, 2002

ai yah!! good lord weight training was a torture! haha im getting so distracted tonight.. ahh.. hehe lets see.. went to art class today... hehe it was pretty cooll.. just worked on carving my cup.. yaya i didnt do that bad of a shabby job. =D i finally have a cup with ANNIE on it.. not ANNE but ANNIE!! hehe.. yay.. yea it was justinas bday too.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTINA! shannon and justina had their pics today.. shannon got ready at sangs house.. she looked really pretty.. pretty pretty shannon. (o= hmm haon made her the blue cd.. it was pretty coool.. good job hoan.. i have to get her a belated present... sorry dude. hmm spent time in art just listening to music wiht hoan.. haha aat break it was really funny! haha.. i tried being the guy and him the girl... no prob for him.. haha i put my arms around him and tried to walk "thuggish" haha it didnt work out very well.. hard to put arms around someone when ur shorter. hehe. lets see... afte school.. we all decided to go to bakers square to treat justina out.. sandy and bonnnie came and shot her with water guns.. hehe good job guys! then yea.. it was justina, hoan, shannon, bonnie, tam, sandy, and me.. hehe i was realy proud of myself.. haha i handled the bill!! look im maturing already.. (o= yay! hehe.. hoans crazy! he won 3 stuff animals out of those machines.. crazy dude! i got a HORNY bear.. haha.. sandy got felix the cat.. i got some pie.. mm starwberries.. then shanonn drove us back home. thansk shanon.. wish ihad the car. hehe no whale for hoan... neener neener neener.. =op ehhe.. got home and played cs with hoan for awhile.. improved my record by a lot from a bad start.. hehe.. i did another article summary for gov't.. yay! now lets see.. 16 left to go.. dont procastinate! hehe yea.. today was pretty cool.. haha i had muchos fun.. nwo im chatting online.. teetheehehe.. i lost 3 pounds.. yes!

WE'VE GROWN UP!! wow.. hehe i just had a bunch of serious conversations with hoan, bonnie, and tam.. its so crazy... i mean we were actaully debating on somethign serious.. (o= good job guys.. im so proud of u guys.. brings a tear to my eyes... haha.. yea we were discussing about the death penalty.. im for it all the way.. an eye for an eye... you take life, you get life taken away from u.. simple as that.. besides.. there are enough lives so spare a couple ... gas chamber all the way... make them suffer and gasp for air that they can not breatj in... I'M PURE EVIL!! muhahaha (o=
tomorrow's issue: ABORTION

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

home again from weight training.. pretty good workout today id say.. (o= hope i can tone up some more. lets see.. went to art in the morning... hoan brought me BUTTERBALL!! yay!! heheh i think he lost weight.. silly doggy stayed with hoan so long that its slowly starting to look like him.. haha heh hes grossy too! ehhe... theres like white stuff over the nosy and the tail.. hoans drool! haha.. (o= yuck! yea.. hehee eveyrone kept on looking at butterball cuz hes sooo fat and stuff.. haha tina thought it was amouse.. (o= even the teacher commented on how fat the doggy is. hmm listened to some music.. today is VERY VERY HOT!! its crazy.. 108 degrees i think.. hmm after school.. hoans mom drove me home.. (o= hmm lets see.. it was really hot.. i laid in bed for awhile.. almost got to take a nap.. hehe but no. (o= palyed CS a bit.. talked to hoan on the fone and then hoans mom drove us to evc. my mom drove us home.. stopped by mickey d's to get mcflurry's.. .mm.. thanks hoan! (o= stupid lady made yucky ones tho.. darn her! well yea.. talked to my mom about letting me drive sandy to the movies on friday.. darn... she wont let )o= i wanted to go out with hoan too.. darn.. hehe wanted to take hoan out.. (o= arghz.. i wanan drive on my own! would've been really cool.. ai yah.. hope my mom lets me drive by myself soon.. parents man.. im growing up! let me drive.. hehehe.. well tahts pretty much my day... its really hot by the way... nothing that much hapeened today.. JUST HOT!

GOAL OF SCHOOL YEAR: make decisions.. haha thats gonna be a hard one!

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

SORE ai yah.. just got back from weight training.. i am sore! this one stupid machine got my shoulders all red.. lke gross red.. like blots of blood. similar to a hickey but not.. its gross! darn.. no tank tomrorw! hmm lets see.. today was pretty cool.. in art, we just painted our design thing.. good lord... it took like all day! and that meant listening to music for 4-5 hours! omg! i am so tired of singing now.. haha.. but its cool tho.. i must've annoyed the crap out of shannon, justina, and ngoc. =D lets see.. during break.. hoan kept on pointing out guys that were checking shannon and me out.. haha that loser.. i guess.. i usually dont see it when guys check me out or whatever... they need something else to look at! hmm.. i dont think guys loook at girls THAT much right? right? well yea.. hmm shannon bought me a wallet.. awww thanks shannon! your'e very sweet! hmm... almost made a whole day without saying the same thing as shannon.. 10 mins before class ends and we said something at the same time.. haha so close! (o= after school... shannon drove me and hoan back to my house. we hung out a bit wiht sandy.. i changed into my tank and pink glow-in-the-dark boxers.. hah we tested to make sure they really glowed and then she left and we were alone.. we kissed mucho *PurRr* =D and danced to a couple slow songs... aww.. it was nice.. very sweet. (o= i was burning hoan a cd while we were in my room too.. hehe HOAN's WHITE CD.. haha a cup of milk, a white penguin, and a white bunny! ehhe its cooll... im glad he liked it (o= DING!!! hehe. yea.. then hoan went home to his bro.. we went ot weight training.. big workout! now im sore! after class.. saw david there... its like uhoh.. should i turn around? hehe but yea i didnt but i still tried to avoid him.. wouldnt kno what to say to him if we made eye contact...yea.. i realized that its been about a year that i've lost feelings for david.. its like whoa.. since when u know? cuz our anniversary would be coming up in about 2 weeks.. how weeiird.. like its been a whole YEAR already..crazy! hm wonder what he thinks of me now? anyway.. then hoans dad came and hoan drove me home. hehe thas basically my day.. purdy nice and relaxing and fun! sandy played CS! hehe shes not half bad for just starting out.. doig better than how i started out... SO MUCH MUSIC TODAY!! yay! =D

its sweet what hoan wrote in thsi blog.. (o= but yes i did feel a belittled if u were wondering do= but yea.. its okie dokie.. (o= and u dont have to make up stuff! hehe i am so not the sweetest, prettiest.. and so on.. thansk tho hun.. *MuaHs* you're one of a kind.. and i like you mucho mucho.. (o= you're just cool hoan.. (o= i dont want you to change either... (o= (o= (o=

Monday, July 08, 2002

hello my dear blog! hhehe.. lets see.. woke up today a little earlier.. at 7 to get ready for senior pics! (o= ehhe i did my own makeup and i think it came out rather well =D hehe i like how i did it.. yay! hehe then my mom curled my hair.. i give her props! hehe she did a rather good job as well. yea arrived at school 10 mins late.. hehe i say pretty fast job.. and pretty well done! yay! hehe felt weird walking into class late cuz i felt like eyes were on me. eck. hehe its cool tho. hehe shannon said my makeup looked nice.. yay.. and ngoc too.. the have good taste.. so im hoping i looked okay. didnt talk to hoan much... i dunno.. felt kinda bad still.. so yea.. hmm silly hoan loooked at me all funny. silly silly him. well yea.. hmm i was about to go take my pics when diane comes over and tells me the GAY guys at her table wanted to be introduced to me. HHAHAHAHHA thats a good one... them darn perverts.. think im gonna go talk to them? good one!! besides.. only reason why would be cuz i look "pretty" or some crap like that.. god dang.. i really hate that.. TOTALLY! grrrr.. its like foos... u gusy are DAMN ugly... and a bunch of losers.. the only girl u probably could get is probably DIANE! haha.. hee okay sorry.. beign mean.. then yea.. i touched up and went to take the pics.. hehe i didnt like the photograhper! ahh.. she got me when i wasnt ready hecka times..arghz.. didnt even tell me when she was going to press the stupid button! darn her.. oh wellz.. ai yah.. just hope it turns out nice.. saw tuhai there... eww.. he was looking at me whne i was taking pics... gross! and he said i look beautiful... haha wat a bunch of crap! hehe anyway... got back to class.. class was out and so yea.. me and hoan were supposed to go hang out and kinda rid the awkwardness. went back to his house.. he made me chicken nuggets... mm.. yea still didnt feel right and stuff.. went back in his room and he played CS.. i laid in his bed.. felt like sleeping. ZzzZ... yea didnt feel all taht great still... yea.. then hoan joined me on the bed and started kissing my face.. eheh or sucking it or something.. he (O= i guess taht broke the ice.. made me smile .. first sincere smile of the day i guess to him... eheh yea it made me feel better... got to huggy him.. made me feel a whole lot better with him laying next to me kissing. hehe =D BETTER BETTER BETTER... hehe yea then we started making out... then i thought hm...might as well play CHECKERS... help show hoan that im not feeling all eck anymore.. (o= I WON!! yay! hehe then yea.. we kisssy some more.. *MuaHs*.. hehe it was pretty nice.. after.. played a bit more CS.. hee didnt do too shabby... then hoan drove me back to my house, i changed and we left to weight lifting.. my arms are so sore now! ahh.. hehe its cool tho... glad things are okay again now wiht me and hoan...i dont like it when things are awkward.. i like him a lot.. hes really cool and nice and sweet.. and just yea... special? hehe sure.. *MuaHs* thanks for being there dude.. and sorry if i got you down.

i hope i smiled okay in the pictures.. afraid i didnt.. and i hoope i come out looking pretty... hope hope hope.. hehehe i guess i looked nicer today... yay... nice to look pretty and get compliments every once in a while... i looked nice.. yay!

Sunday, July 07, 2002

hmm... lets see.. today was extremely boring! hmm started out my day by going ot my grandma's house to alter the dress for the wedding. man.. it doenst fit me anymore.. i lost weight! nooo.. weell yes! but then noooo.. hehe yea.. we stayed there for awhile.. i drove =D pretty well if u ask me. yay! heheh my dad dislocated his finger this morning by falling cuz of his talking slipper. hehe silly him.. that must've hurt tho! ouchie! hmm yea then i went home.. hoan went wtih his family to the mall and stuff.. so i was bored as hecka at home. saw hecka teeny bopper movies and i was reading "someone like you" with macadamia in my arms.. heh it was pretty nice... saw she's all that, can't hardly wait, and 10 things i hatea bout u.. pretty cool i guess. missed hoan ... and yea.. felt kinda weird during teh day.. not exactly all hyper and perky. (o= its cool tho. talked to hoan later.. or sorta talked to him.. we werent talking too much.. then yea.. i hear my doorbell ring.. guess who it is.. its HENRY! haha that loser.. henry, edwin, tony, nathan, chris, and adrian came to my house..omg.. i looked like i was naked! stupid shirt was too long and shorts too short.. eeeee.. haha they were bored.. nice of htem to visit.. didnt get half of the stuff they were talking about but its cooll.. gave them all lychee drinks (o= hmm henrys extremly weird.. dude that guy can talk.. but yea.. then they left.. uh what else? i think or thought hoan was mad at me.. so yea i called him and find out he went biking.. silly guy.. got me worried! hhe well he biked to my house after and let him in to hagn out... he made me a picture thing with construction paper.. FIREWORKS *aww* thanks hun... its really sweet.. but u really didnt have to.. hmm we basicall sat around.. read comics a bit.. and messed around with the stuff animals... (o= itwas cool.. its really dark and late so hoan went home.. thanks for stopping by hun.. it was sweet of u (o= *MuaHs* and i love the fireworks thing even if my butt is crooked. eheh yea.. hoan didnt look very ahppy at my house.. i dunno.. his eyes.. something about htem.. i think he has obvious eyes or somethign.. hope he feels better.. (o= *MuaHs* feel better! thats my day for u... senior pics tomrorw!

Saturday, July 06, 2002


Friday, July 05, 2002

hello! hehe my days over! hehe today was pretty cooll.. hoan came over and hung out. (o= hehe it was cool.. me, him, and sandy played mario for the longest time. hehe i suck at mario 3. then after that.. we watched initial D. that show is pretty cool.. not bad.. hehe the racing looked cool.. hehe only i fi could do that. =D we watched that for about 2 hours! crazy mna! hehe got hungry so we all decided to go to baker's square to eat. so yea.. we walked there and everyone ordered pasta. mmm.. i was too full for pie. darn! hehe.. then yea... after that, we were paying and hoan kept on begging for his STUPID whale.. muaha i didnt get it for him... i REFUSED to! and thats not gona change.. hehe hten we all went to target to check some stuff out.. i got APPLE licorice! mmm.. hehe and i bought hoan a piggy.. hehe hes pink and pretty soft. its cool. hehe then we went back to my house and blew up a bottle rocket that we found. hehe sandy almost died.. ahha. hehe it shoots really fast! hehe yea..t hen we played counter-strike the rest of teh day.. hee that was it.. (o= the day was really nice and plesant. hehe cool! hehe oh yea.. hoan got me a little penguin keychain.. awwhehe its cute! thanks hun! hehe we have matching ones now.. yay! (o=

Thursday, July 04, 2002

what if things dont work between me and hoan? i think id be very devastated.. hmm hehe im like bored like heck right now cuz i have nothing to do ... and i dotn have him to talk to.. its been what a couple hours? and i miss him already.. thats like hmm.. if something doesnt work out.. what would i do? *sigh* thas scary man! i better find things to occupy myself or something.. think of somet higns to do.. (o= i hope things do work out between us tho.. *muaHs* i like hima lot a lot!
HAPPY JULY 4TH! ahh.. good lord am i full! hehe today was pretty cooll... woke up really early so i played CS.. then called hoan (o= hehe we talked for awhile and then my family decided to go to the gilroy outlets.. yaya we're finally going out as a family! hoan went with his parents to the mall and it hink to the movies too.. not sure what hto.. heehe yea.. we got lost trying to take the inside roads for awhile.. haha.. hehe i DROVE all the way there! heh ei did really good too.. only made one mistake.. YAY! hehe shopping was pretty cool.. didnt get my wallet tho.. but i got a pair of pants, and two cute tanks. (o= yay.. hehe my dad drove back and we had a little barbeque.. hehe chicken and muscles! mmmmmm mussels! they are delish! and we had watermelons too.. mmm! how cool is that.. hehe it was really nice family outing and stuff.. (o= we should do it more often i say... hoans probably going to watch fireworks.. hope he has fun.. it wouldve been really nice to go watch fireworks wiht him... (O= hehe just like what we talked about.. one of these days tho.. (o= and it would be really sweet..theres still labor day.. (o= it'll be really cool.. wonder what he has planned...hmm.. im bored! hehe (o= anyway.. nice day with family.. pretty cool.. hoans still out.. have fun dude! I MISS You!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

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YAY! OMG.. i love ms. ceja! she gave me a B! omg! phew... 3.85... not that bad i guess.. culamutive: 3.95 darn.. sih.. im actually happya bout a B.. tsk tsk. oh wellz... hopefully, ill pass the AP exam and then get them changed to A's! yay.. thatd be the best! come on.. pleas please! (o= hmm yea.. not much happened today... felt a bit tired and sick.. so yea.. didint go to weight lifting.. in art we had a party.. mm food.. i bought the safeway sandwich thing.. so yea that was that. when i got home.. toook a 2 hour nap1 that felt really good.. i LOVE NAPS even thought i cant usually. hehe i guess that was pretty much my day.. palyed basketball and mario with sandy... oh yea.. went to target with hoan and got myself CHAPSTICK! yay! hhehe.. just finished playing CS with WONTON and BONNIE.. hehe it was pretty fun... didint do too badly... well thats it.. nite!

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I GOT MY LICENSE!!!! oh yay! hehe im so happy about that! hehe finally.. phew.. im not THAT behind.. hehe theres still bonnie, tam, and richard.. hehe! phew... it wasnt taht hard and i got a pretty cool guy. (o= haha i got mistakes on the stupidest stuff... hehe i iddint step behind the STOP sign line.. hah stupid annie! hehe well yea.. i missed 6 or 7.. hehe. yay.. i hve my license.. hehe now only if i had a car... comeon parents... let me have a car! i promise to be extra careful! hmm yea... after the driving test.. i drove back to creek and went to summer school. hehe arts pretty cool.. im gona make sandy a spongebob.. ehe hope it comes out okay. haha hoan, shannon, and justina are funny peepo! haha... i dunno they jsut are. hmm i got to bring home my blue hamster thing.. ehhe i like it! its so cute! (o= aww. what else happened? oh yea.. then hoans dad drove me home and i just relaxed athome... palyed with grace a bit.. heh shes really cute.. she love bubbles! hehe she shot me wiht a watergun.. silly her! hehe then went ot wegith training..not a hard workout.. thank goodness! oh yea.. muhaha i drove hoan to evergreen. hehe (o= i drove i drove. hehe.. he drove back tho.. hehe so its even. cool. nothing else really.. my broke up with henry.. crazy.. didnt really thikn thatd happen.. aww.. (o= its okay tho... (o= it was an okay day... i feel kinda tired tho

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Monday, July 01, 2002

boo! omg.. its been so long since ive written im my blog... must start writing again.. im gonna copy bonnie and keep blogger as my home page.. MUST WRITE IN IT! man i missed out on so many things in my blog that its sad! stupid stupid annie... well from now on.. ill start again (o= hoan has his senior pics tomrorw... heh smile dude! bet he'll look great! (o= mines next week.. i hope ill come out nice... i beetter! these are for my grandchildren to see.. hehe. lets see.. just got out of summer school.. i got to bring home my cool mcdonalds apple guy.. hehe hes cool! so proud of myself! hehe (O= yea.. now im just sitting here.. i read a book last weekend! so proud of myself.. haha good job annie! like water for chocolate is pretty good. lets see.. im pretty sleepy.. maybe i should go to bed.. i dont have much to write about today so i think ill write about a couple days before...

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