Tuesday, May 28, 2002

boogy boogy boo! hahah... havent written in this for how logn now?!?! daaanng... hehe.. i miss you. i miss you. hahah... lets see what i did today. went to school... extremely white for some strange reason.. hehe wore my new favorite shorsts! they are so comfy! wiht cool pockets and even a drawstring! muaha... n my super cool flying squirrel tshirt i got with hoan. coolios. school was just yadda yadda... nothing that interesting happened.. oh at lunch.. there was the traditional boat race... heheh pretty funny... silly ricahrds boat broke before he even started.. haha so he swam.. pretty cool.. cant wait til next year! (o= then yea... during 7th.. took teh u.s. GSE test... hope i did good... please please.. i want the 6 thing to get my scholarship. =D yea right.. like thats gonna happen. afterschoool.. me n hoan went to our usual trip to target. a blast everytime! (o= we needed to get sandys bday present... *sigh* shes growing up so fast... hehe. we grabbed hecka stuff and ended up with like 3 items.. hehe got her a sponge bob dvd, coloring book with stamps, and a light swtich moon thing. (o= yea... and hoan found a really cute flannel... (o= nice hoan.. guess what i bought? razors! hahah.. about time man... my legs are not very smooth.. hahah. oh no... im sounding like shannon! hehe. poor hoan still doesnt have his star wars trilogy.. haha so sad so sad. heheh... it was realy nice just walking around there with hoan... hehe butt... i kept on getting hurt! omg.. i kept on bumping into all these stupid stuff... what the crap is that all about?! hhehe.. oh wellz. then after... we bought our usual taco bell... hehe 4.20! mmm... quesadilla n orange icee. mmm... cant get any better than that.. it was a nice pleasant day just strolling around target with hoan... *MuaHs*

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