Sunday, April 28, 2002

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ugh.. i feel sick! eeek! so yucky! dang.. its pretty crappy to be sick in april! darn.. oh wellz. lets ee.. woke up at 4 o clock today to do a key club event! crazy! ahh talk about being tired! got about 3 hours of sleep.. phew. woke up hoan.. hehe stupid guy didnt even wake up until his dad woke him up. bonnie called me to wake me up too.. eheh talked to her a bit.. well yea... then we all met at creek to get picked up by jenn and go to the march of dimes. ehe it was a pretyt long drive and all of us were pretty sleepy... ZzZzZz. when we were on the bus, i listened to the cd with hoan (o= felt kinda like marines world.. very nice. (o= i was sitting next to bonnie tho cuz i didnt want her to feel left out.. hehe it felt really nice just listening to musci with hoan tho. (o= hehe hoan's blog is really really sweet... i dunno.. he just wrote a lto of stuff in there that makes me smile.. (o= WoW! yea, at the march of dimes, we folded clothes adn then after, we stayed on the bus to entertain people who were riding it. "

Thursday, April 25, 2002


Wednesday, April 24, 2002

lalalda... another day of school.. 36 days left in all.. i cant wait! im just so sick of junior year! ugh! lets see, what happened today? they day started out as normal.. i brought slinky the lion to give me luck. (o= so cute... yea stupid STAR testing.. the first math part was pretty easy, i think i did pretty good. on the second part however, i didnt even finish! what the heck man? and im not even the only one.. there were other pepeo too.. so its like alright then.. they need to fix the timing on that one. hmm... my brain has just been totally fried! yuck! school was like always.. nothing much did happen... i cant even remember what happened at lunch, seriously! oh wait, we went inte quad! oh yuppy! hehe.. school ended at 2 and a couple of us just stayed back and hung out for about an hour. it was me, hoan, shannon, bonnie, dwight, melvin, eric, and peter. hehe pretty cool. then me and hoan walked back to hoans house to hang out a bit and for him to get ready for badminton. hee we played CS! muahha, i hecka some headshots! alright! hehe LOSERs! heheheh.. .getting killed by a newbie.. sad, so sad! hehe. hoan gave me apple juice.. yumm! hehe then yea... we were kissing for a bit.. haha.. yea.. it was nice tho. (o= i tickled him again, hehe loser! then we walked back to creek to get ready for badminton practice. practice was pretty nice today except the fact i couldnt play. we didnt do much except play a couple games... played juan n john.. me n kim won. (o= then we played eric and tony... grr i did so bad! got me mad.. couldnt get my serves over... so sucky. we were hecka winning and then we ended up splitting.. well at least we won. ahh, my throat really hurts right now. anyways, i stayed for open gym and played with hoan mix and after i played him singles. gosh did i feel tired! ahh and no more water too... noooo! that hecka sucked! oh wellz. gosh.. ive been pretty grumpy today.. sorry! hehe hung out with hoan a bit after badminton before he called his dad and dropped me back home. it was nice jsut hugging with hoan after school. (o= nice and pleasant. hehe.. when i got home, i found hecka things my mom bought to put in sandwiches but guess what? she bought sour dough bread! yuucck! oh yea.. the bunny is really cool! hehe he went in our house earlier hehe just for a visit. he didnt even want anything to eat.. he just sat there and let us pet him. hehe it was pretty cool. then when he wanted to leave, he went on his hind legs wiht his paws up like a dog.. aww. hmm, oh yea, hoans silly! he has a very soft butt.. haha wat the heck man.. my butts all muscles.. go away muscles! shrink butt, shrink! hmm i cant remmeber what helse happen today but im feeling rather sleepy.. bye.. oh yea.. thursday will be sandwich switch day.. (o= we can make each other sandwiches... cute!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

dum dum dum... got home from a badminton game today. hehe.. woohoo! hehe another day of star testing... it was pretty easy today i guess. i kinda dressed up today but peepo kept on saying i was reall dressed up. i dunno, i dont think so. well yea, school ended and i went to get ready for badminton...hehe i asked hoan to bring me a pad cuz i forgot mine, hehe he actually did! thanks hun! too bad it wasnt the kind i needed. oh wellz. (o= he picked me up after 7th and gave me a water bottle. (o= aww so sweet.. hehe its his lancome bottle.. hehe he replaced my powerade one.. thanks babe! hehe it looked really cool! he pasted the kirby picture on there... nice.. awww soo sweet. hehe i thougth i was gonna get water.. but nooooo, hoan had to put apple juice in it! heheh (o= thanks hun! mmm apple juice is yummy. hehhe, we, or i, gulped that thing down hecka fast. before the bus even came, i drank half the bottle. hehehe and before either us played, the bottle was gone! haha. yea, thanks hoan. anyways, we had a game against prospect today at prospects. stupid losers! muahah they got the butt hecka whooped!! 15-0 baby! mine and kim's match went pretty well... we shoulda gotten triple bagel! darn! 7-0, 7-1, 7-1. stupid girl called service judge on me on our first match.. that loser! still kicked ur stupid booty! can u say LOSER!! hoan won his match too.. good job dude! well yea.. when the match was over, i sat next to hoan on the bus. it reminded me of marines world because of where we were sitting.. (o= marines world... mucho fun! hehe i got hoans nose good! haha tugged that thing pretty hard.. haha surprised it diddnt come off. hehe. when we arrived at school, bryan hit me! grr.. ehhe yea i ran after him and hit him back. muahah i WIN today! then me and hoan decided to go to target tog et some food... quesadilla and taco. mmm. well after, we went through the food section to find food.. mm.. teddy grahams! teddy grahams! yummy! hehe i also picked out a green nerd key chain candy dispenser for hoan! ehhe its really cool! it even has a skateboard. how cool is that. hehe yea.. then i paid for the food and we walked back to creek to get picked up. hoan kissed me a couple of times while we were walking back. it was reall sweet. *mUahS* then yea.. stupid guy wouldnt give me the teddy grahams. hmmph!! he kept on pulling it back everytime i tried to reach for one so then i wouldnt take any. i mean not even one cracker. he tried to put it in my mouth but i kept it closed! ha! *sniff* dont ruin teddy grahams for annie! d0= heehe yea, then i finally took the cracker and i put it back int eh box. haha. hoans dad came and he took me home.. hehe hoan made me take the box. hmmph... i didnt wanna take it either. do= it was a pretty nice day today, nice weather and a good win! *MuaHs* i had a nice day jsut spending time with hoan... i was wearing his ID card today with my chapstick attached to it.. hehe i looked so cool!

Monday, April 22, 2002

*phew* just got home from badminton after my shower.. what a refreshment? (o= today was a really pleasant and fun day... first we started out with STAR testing so the day was easy and we only went to even classes... so much better! ahh, my stomach, thighs, and armpits are sore! i did hecka sit ups yesterday and now im in pain. we got out of school at 2 and so we headed to target just because.. hehe... it was really fun.. it was me, hoan, and shannon.. and we met my and henry there. (o= the weather was really nice and warm.. woohoo! tomorrow is even warmer! pull out the skirts! heh yea.. we went to get food first.. hehe i bought an icee and quesadilla to share with hoan (o= yumm orange icee. stupid guy at the counter wouldnt let us get refills...well screw him! we got them anyways. hoan bought a muffin.. a MUFFIN!! who the heck buys a muffin at target? haha hecka funny. hehe then yea.. i told hoan to get some when the guy was gone becuase the LADY there doesnt care.. hehe shannon was all laughing at me because she said it was a GUY. haha.. omg we laughed our heads off because a couple of us were there debating if it was a guy or girl. hoan walked over to see the name tag and he comes back laughing because he saw the name jona so its a girl, u loser.. hehe liz comes back up and its really says JAMES! omg haha hoans such a dork... so this whole time i thought he was a she.. hehe so sad. whoopsie!

well yea afterwards we walked around and i got my chapstick. wohooo.. SPF 24 and strawberry flavor. yay... silly hoan wanted to buy one too... no hoan, thats just a little too gay. then we stopped in the toy section and i picked up a little baby lion.. hehe its cute (o= and soft.. yay! hehe hoan named him SLINKY... im sure it will be good luck too. i saw this scooby doo in a tkd outfit and shannon bought that too.. then after, she ran off and it was me and hoan alone. (o= we went in the kid's book section and started reading some of the books.. hehehe theres some cool ones on rainbows and cute i love you books. (o= aww.. we were reading them and i started reading some spanish one too.. woohoo i coudl read! i duno.. today just seemed really nice with hoan.. he looked extra cute today and i just i dunno.. felt extra lovey dovey today too... *mUaHs* yea, then we went to check out and i found this cool slinky pop with a APPLE flavor lollipop.. it must be meant for me to get.. hehe and hoan got this bart simpson pez dispenser. the slinky ring is sooo cool! omg... hehe u can stick the lollipop in ur mouth and the slinky extends.. its blue too.. super cool! woohoo.. hoan was attached to me.. haha loooked pretty funny. yea... then we reached the intersection to my house and he wanted to walk me home which i found really really sweet. (o= i made him go home though to get ready for badminton since we didnt have a lot of time left. we said good bye and gave each other a goodbye kiss. *muaHs* aww... so nice. yea...

we went to badminton practice to find out that practice started at 4 and not 4:30, hehe whoops! well there were 9 other peepo so we didnt get in troulbe.. phew! practice today was pretty relaxing and we played clare and kim for practice. we won them pretty easily.. dont think they were in it today. practice ended early and we had open gym. haha that was really fun.. heehe i played with hoan against monyrith and kim(senior) mix doubles... ahha we were so messing around! hecka funny. stupid hoan kept on making mistakes... haha.. well i just blamed everything on him.. ahah hecka funny tho. its all ur fault! hehe yea we rallied a bit.. stupid hoan hit me....i tried hitting him back but i missed! darn.. next time.. muhaha. hehe i could smash better now! woohoo! it actually sorta goes down.. hehe. dang... i was pretty tired after open gym.. sooo hot! me and hoan went and bought a drink.. phew gulped that thing down hecka fast. we saw steven and i said "hi steven!!" hehe, that foo doesnt even say anything... sheehs.. oh wellz.

then yea, we went and sat on the bench and just sat there for awhile.. it felt really really nice. (o= i was just with hoan holding me. hehe tickling him too... i dunno.. it just felt really really nice. i just wanted to grab him, hug him and not let go. hehe. (o= only if i did have a clockstopper. darn. i duno.. it felt really special... just sitting there with hoan. you're too cool! hehe.. i like hoan a lot.... i think yea, im just liking him more and more and more... (o= *mUah* hoans just really cool and i can do pratically everything with him.. its so great.. and the fact that we have a lot in common is really cool too. i havent really fought with him before and i think thats a good thing. hes just really fun and nice to be with. really sweet too. what can i say... i can't help myself im falling in love with you.. (o= MuaHs... look what hoan wrote.. its just soo sweet and just so wow.. i mean... awww.. i dunno what to say.. another speechless thing i guess... "i hav fun with her wherever i go..her cheerfulness...bright smile..and friendly eyes put a smile to my face...and its one person can be so wonderful...and be so special to me . ) hehe" WOW! i dunno what to say.. i just think hes reaaly sweet and special to me too. i like him a lot and i think its only going up from there... (o=

Sunday, April 21, 2002

wow.. its 9.... dang.. hehe i basically had a homework day.. haha oh yes.. fun! hehe oh wellz, at least i caught up on some of my work. woke up around 9:30 and talked to hoan a bit on the fone.. then he went to EPIK for some CS tourney and he stayed there til 7... goddang thas long for a tourney. hmm, around 12, i drove the family to eat com tam, hehhe i did a pretty good job except for the parking part.. grr, i dont like parking.. oh wellz. hehe idid a pretty good job. (o= hehe drove to a couple different places. omg! my mom gave my disney books away.. arghz. that was so rude man! hmmph, i mean i wanted to keep it and what does she do, give it away without even asking me. gr.r. hmmph i wanted to keep that too! oh well... yea hoan was at the tourney for a very long time.. i missed him... he called a couple times and so i got to talk to him a bit.. that was nice.. hehe.. yea. the rest of the day i spent my time doing U.S. tests.. oh how fun.. hehe and going online.. hehe havent done that in awhile.. what else did i do? oh yea.. i did a lot of sit ups and ab exercise thingies.. I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! argh.. i gained so much weight.. must lose weight... yea.. hehe now im talking to hoan on the fone... nooo theres school tomrorow~!!! ahh. oh yea, hoans very sweet.. hehe i dunno... what he said in his blog about our convo last night was like WOW... (o= thats so sweet.. "i mean i dont want to go experience new things to find wut i want...when i hav all i want already..i really like annie...i am willng to wait the 5+ years for her... i know that in the end ill be with her..." wow... *blush* i guess he must really like me *smile*. hehehe i like him a lot too... *sigh* i mean, wow... i think that is just sooooo sweet and *mUaHs* hehe i dunno what to say... im speechless...(o=

Saturday, April 20, 2002

ahah look, smokers holiday.. haha jk! phew.. im pretty darn tired.. i had to wake up at 630 to go to the hampton phillips track meet... what a waste of a saturday. oh well.. i picked up ngoc and we went to creek.. woohoo we got a free tshirt... there were a lot of people there including hoan and bonnie. (o= yea.. i got assigned to tshirt sales.. ohwhat fun! i had no one to talk to... *sigh* i felt so retarded and bored and i guess left out.. i mean everyone else had someone with them that they could talk to.. oh wellz.. around 9, i saw tam n hanh and i went off with them instead.. woohoo.. tshirt sales was hecka boring! yea we all did the discus throw.. hehe we went to pick them up.. haha it was fun running around picking them up. (= we did that until around 12 and then ate hot dogs.. oh yea.. hehe..later, we met with hoan and bonnie and talked a bit.. man, we stayed a total of 6 hours there! thats really long! what a waste of a sleep. oh well.. around 1, my mom called and said we're going to gilroy outlets, so yea.. wooho.. went with my mom, sandy, frank, aunt thao, aunt trang, my grandma, and some other lady. hehe it was pretty fun.. i got dippin' dots! woohoo! mcdonalds has dippin dots now! wooho! oh yea i bought new shoes.. they're soo cool! hehe grey adidas canvas... alright for 30 bucks, not bad. (o= hehe i called hoan up a couple times when i was there.. (o= i missed the guy.. hehe hes cool! hehe.

ZzZZZzZ, night time falls and yea.. hehe i talk on the fone with hoan.. it was a pretty interesting convo if you ask me.. hmm hoans pointed out that college is only about a year away and thats really scary, i mean we're going to be seniors in a couple of months! ahh, so scary. and then what? we'll be going to college and more likely, we're not going to be going to the same one and barely see each other. *sigh* yea.. and you know, college is going to be at least 6 years. 6 years of not seeing each other very often.. and then we talked about how in college, theres a lot more people and more temptations. it would be hard if you do have a girlfriend/boyfriend when there are so many new "interesting" people around.. hm.. its like hmm, what will happen? 6 years is a long time.. think about it? yikes! and yea.. hoan hasnt had another gf before so i would think he would wanna see whats out there, in a sense.. i mean, to learn and see what you want and what you dont want in a relationship.. i wouldnt mind.. he has my "blessing", hehe. but dang, i think itd be real hard... and yea for me too. i mean, who knows what could happen in 6 years.. think about being in 5th grade and now being a junior.. thats a lot of change.. in personality too.. for all i know, after 6 years, im not even going to seem like me. i guess it just depends who you hang out with and have self-control do= in a sense.. im willing to try tho. (o= yea, i like hoan a lot so yea..i wouldnt want to do anything stupid either.. so yea.. scary! i dunno.. hoan surprised me tho.. he said that he wouldnt mind waiting the 5 years for me.. i duno, i think of that as a long time and for him to say that.. i duno.. (o= i guess i feel "special" .. i think thats really sweet of him to say.. WOW.. hehe i hope we are together still 5 years from now.. thatd be really cool. (o= and yea i dont think he really has to worry about that kinda stuff.. especially not now.. live in the present and carpe diem! (o= i dunno. i think he should just know tho that i an not annoyed of him easily and that i do like him a lot... hehe we never actually said good bye to each other.. hehe we were like okie... go to sleep in 5 mins and then hehe between that 5 minutes we end up falling asleep! hehe... weirdos.. so yea i woke up aroudn 5 and foudn the fone udner me.. heheh hoan didt he same thing.. too bad we missed each other tho.. (o= *mUaHs*
heheh yay, finally the week is over...woohoo! lets see, today was gormet day.. mmm food.. hehe too bad its such a rip off! omg, a tiny plate of fried rice is like 3 bucks! what the heck is that man.. sheesh! then yea, the day ended.. nothing much happpened. went to badminton practice aroudn 4:30 and had practice til around 6. hehe, it was really fun cuz we didnt have to do anything and it was basically open gym.. whooo.. hehe i played singles and doubles a couple of times.. hehe me and hoan lost to eric and tony.. darn.. they got lucky do= hehe oh wellz then i played tony and lost 8-6 nooooo... then i played hoan n barely lost, you got lucky!!!!!!... hehe i think it just wasnt my day or something.. heheeh oh wellz. after open gym, i went to hoans house. haha, his parents invited me to go eat with him. hehe i was all thinking hmm, should i? wouldnt it be kinda weird? and yea.. i went anyways, hahah it was pretty weird!! his family is soooooo quiet.. dang.. hehe i was afraid to talk and seem a bit weirder. hehe yea... i dont think hoans bro likes me very much.. i tried talking to him but he just kinda looks at me and doesnt say anything.. what the heck is that man? sheehs! i tried to break the ice by hitting him when i saw bugs, hehee i dont think that exactly worked out. oh wellz. hehe his parents seem really nice and friendly.. they have really good hearing! haha i was trying to talk all quiet and stuff and somehow, they could still hear me and tehy start laughing at me.. hehe oops! omg, the plates at marie callenders are humungo!! dang, i couldnt even eat half my plate along with everyone else.. besides steven, he can really eat! hehe. yea i ordered some pasta thing and juan ordered shrimp and chips. the pasta was pretty good. mmm raspberry ice tea... silly hoan never tried that either.. crazy! soo deprived of food that its sad. heehe. i was so looking forward to my pie but then i was too full to even take another bite.. darn! hoans parents are pretty nice.. heh they just tlak extremly low. hehe at this one point, his mom asked me something i heard it wrong and so i said no.. hehe they asked if i told my parents and i said no.. haha i heard it wrong and his mom jumped or something.. ehhe oopsy! well yea, i turned into a tomato.. hehe my ears were red too.. ahhhh. *blush* hehe we left the place around 9:30 and i packed my pasta to go.. they drove me home and i said thanks and stuff. heheh they seem really nice.. hope they like me. (o= oh yea, me and hoan took napkins so we could keep them as a remembrance.. ehe cool. thanks hoan... (o= marie callendes was fun. *mUahS* yea.. then i called him later and we talked on the fone.. haha i was all asking him all this stuff he never tried tasting before.. omg its crazy! hehe he barely tried a pearl drink with me, he never had a fruit tart or a scone, orange julius, my JELLO smoothie, and who knows what else? its pretty crazy tho! hehehhe (o= i had a really good time today.. thanks hoan... a real nice time... *mUahS* very fun and nice... MARIE CALLENDERS yumm... oh yea... there were so many fat white people there, hahah!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

whoowy today was funn!! (o= it was pretty hot today at the beginning of the day and the plan for today was to go out and fly kites but then my parents wouldnt let me out because they said it was too hot.. hehe i waited impatiently until around 3 when they let me go.. wohooo! it was sooooo windy but yet warm.. perfect weather to fly a kite. hehe we got the kites 2 days ago at target... (o= 5 bucks baby! so we biked to dove hill and when we got there, we started assembling hte kites.. hehhe the box one looked pretty weird! sandy ran off and brought her friend along and so we all shared the first, me n hoan flied the triangle one and snady flew the ohter one... eheh it took awhile to get it to stay in the air.. heheh aww so sweet... well after, we switched kites and started flying the mickey mouse box one.. omg.. haha we got it flying hecka hecka high!! muahah stupid plastic box kite actually flew high!! wohooo~! ehe it was realy fun... hoan was like holding me while we were flying the kite... so sweet... hehe then after, i wanted to fly the triangle one again and omg!! hahha that stupid kite doesnt like me! hehe everytime we got it up, it fly to the left and crash! whats that all about, hehe. well yea.. hehe i hit hoan with the kite woohoo! SCORE!!!u dodo! hehe he kept on trying to catch the kite.. you dodo! heheh yea the kite just wouldnt stay stil like the other ones.. kept on going left n right, left n right.. hehehe.haha oh yea.. when i was flying it, i accidently let the handle go TWICE!! hehe it was so fun tho except i dont think the kite liekd me very much.. darn! hehe stupid hoan tried to hit me back.. muhhaha like thats gonna happen do= it was starting to get really really windy and cold so yea we were gonna bring it in when the "pop goes the weasel" song comes on and who do i see? the ICE CREAM MAN!! STOP!!!!! hahah yea so we stopped the ice cream man and hoan bought me ice cream (o= aww.. so cute... hehe *mUaHs* hoan got the cookies n cream snow storm and i got the col. crunch strawberry shortcake.. hehe woohoo! mm.. hoan never tasted that before!! omg.. how crazy is that.. ive been eating that since how long now? dang.. hehe well he liked it.. hehe im just introducing him to so many different foods.. poor deprived guy, hehe. well yea, then we decided to go home since it was getting cold.. sandy biked her friend home and i waited witho hoan...hehe we just talked and laugh for awhile.. hehe u kno whats the hardest words to say??? KITE FLYING! omg. haha i said it wrong how many times!?! fly kiting, sky flying, kite skying, flight kying... goodness! hehe eventually, i got hoan mixed up to and he said SKITE FLYING.. hehe loser! hehe yea then sandy came, and we all biked home.. (o= wow... that was just the greatest time.. hehe.. .i mean i went flight skying.. hehe oops! it was soo nice and cute. i had a terrifc time just being with juan.. hehe mucho fun! *mUaHs* it felt really nice just hanging out with him and spending some quality time together.. hehe just perfect. hehe.. awwwwwwwww... i mean what else could i ask for? being with my hunny, kite flying, and ice cream.. i mean.. WOW.. (o= couldnt be any better... *mUaHs* it was just really sweet... *smiles* (o=

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