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THE BASICS..........

Full Name: Abbey Diane Lee

Birthdate: December 31, 1982

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Siblings: Preston (15) and Colin (12)  I think the ages are correct….

Nicknames:  Abs, Kitty, Diane, Dee, Babs, Babbers

Hair color: strawberry blonde

Eye color: I wear brown colored contacts, naturally gray though

Height: 5'5

Location: Montevideo, MN

School: Southwest State University

Grade: freshman

Favorite colors: Lavender, Purple, Silver, White, Black

Favorite food: cookies & cream ice cream, Fudge Dipped Granola Bars

Favorite beverages: Diet Mountain Dew

Advice to Underclassmen: try to stay out of trouble, and its really easy to skip at DBHS

Favorite class: European Civilizations, Early America, American National Government

Favorite numbers:  um...21 years of age is a good number to be

Favorite movies: Joan of Arc, The Last of the Mohecians

Favorite actor: Josh Hartnett, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt

Favorite actress: Leelee Sobieski

Favorite TV show: Jeopardy, Days of our Lives, Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahr, The Discovery Channel and The History Channel

What type of deodorant do you use: Suave Invisible Solid w/Baby Powder scent

Favorite shampoo or conditioner: I've been using Herbal Essences lately...

Do you make fun of people: I try not to, but I guess I probably do sometimes...

Best bud(s): Darrick, Angie, Heidi, Matt

Best online friends: Nathan

Hobbies: reading, working on my web page and chatting, damaging my dad's lumina, lifting weights, hanging out with friends

Favorite restaurant: McGee's Bar and Grill in St. Cloud, Appelbees

Favorite stores: American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie, Old Navy, Carson Pierre Scott, Macys, Nordstroms,  and Bath and Body Works

Favorite Song: anything by Hole, Fiona Apple, Ani DeFranco, Kid Rock, 2Pac

Favorite music video: November Rain

Favorite CD: burned ones

What's in your cd player right now? Silverchair, and 2 burned cds

Favorite singer: Courney Love, Fiona Apple, Ani DeFranco, Kid Rock and 2Pac

Favorite word/phrase: why

Pet Peaves: When girls say that they look fat and expect you to in turn say, "No you're not, your skinny!  I'm the one whos fat."  That is so stupid and annoying and it gets old.

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