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   I went to 2 proms this year, Dawson-Boyd's and YME's.  Both were fun in different ways.  For my prom we went on a cruise down the Minnesota River, which was different.  The dance was really fun.  YME's prom was pretty fun too though.  The dance wasn't as fun but we were free to go at 1am and that was nice.  There was a party afterwards that we went to.  (There wasn't one after Dawson's prom.  Darrick, my boyfriend, was obviously my date.  He looked so cute in his tux. 

Midnight on The Water


Mardi Gras Fever

Pictures of us at YME's prom in the gym

Darrick's cousins and their dates in Clarkfield

LtoR:  Mike/Abby,

Darrick/Me, Laura/Matt, Mel/Nathan

Us in Granite on a small dock on the river