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     Fuck You Kenny, I thank everyone else for checking out abby's little web page here.  I'm not promising that it will be interesting or anything, but it will allow you to get to know a little more about me, Abbey Lee.  (my friends call me Abs though)

     This webpage will not shape the future.  It will not determine how clean your air and water should be.  It will not make your chances of getting a good job better or worse.  It will not write or sign any legislation that will affect your life.  Yet you probably spent more time and effort looking at this web page than you spent choosing the people who will do all of those things.  Think about it, you don't let other people choose your web pages, why should you let them choose your future?

     Register to Vote.  1-800-Call-RTV or

     I am a freshman at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota.  I plan on transfering to the University of Minnesota, Duluth starting Spring Semester of 2002.  I will probably major in Criminology and Forensic Psychology.  I want to be an FBI Profiler. 

    My roommate's name is Heidi.  She is from Winner, SD.  I recently joined the Army National Guard.  I'm gonna be a Unit Supply Specialist.  I leave for my Basic Training and AIT next August and will return at the end of November.  I will be at Fort Wood, Missouri for Basic and Fort Lee, Virginia for AIT.  I'm really excited about this new step in my life.   

This is me.

   I use MSN Messenger all the time.  My "passport" or whatever they call it is:  Feel free to message me.  My ICQ number is 77047327

I have AOL Instant Messenger but rarely use name on there is abbeylee

If you want to email me suggestions or comments this is my main email addy:


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