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Rock on~ Platform Woman, take you six-inch heels and trip off stage. It's a balance challenge, take one step and I'll pray... Last updated 10/13/01

Welcome to the Stevie Nicks Fan Site. This is for all of you die-hard fans like me to get a little entertainment. Anything that is submitted on this site is open to be about ANYTHING that has to do with Stevie OR Fleetwood Mac. This soap opera-deserving band has had multiple serious conflicts, but believe or not, they can be pretty damn funny! With the help of my buds from school, my buds from the Ledge, and anyone else, we could get all of those funny FM/Nicks things onto one site. Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. email me at Thanx a lot, cya later!

~ Gypsy

Guess What Song

So I'm back to the velvet underground,

Back to the floor that I love...

for answer