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Welcome to the Official Website of the National Mini-Hockey League:

It's not just mini-hockey- it's MINI-HOCKEY!

"Losers always complain about their best. Mini-hockey champions go home and fuck the prom queen."- Mr. Connery

Since the beginning of time, man has awaited for a game that truly epitomizes the concepts of class and greatness. . . and grundle. Thus, many years ago, there came forth such a game and it was called - little gay-ass stick ball. However, that name really didn't work, and so the name of the game was changed to mini-hockey.


by Barry Melrose

Word on the street is that a new Butternut format is in the works...but the street kind of smells...like piss and it's suspected that was Correa. I'll provide more information on whether a formal complaint will be filed for Correa's public urination.

11/04 For every passing day, the fifth coming approaches closer and closer. A day of triumph- a day of glory it will be for few. Yet for others, Butternut will bring devastation and misery, most likely for Flannery though. Also, the main question remains, who will Ryan Alphonse play for? Will it be his current Butternut champion teammates of Countrytime, or will it be their dreaded rivaling opponent Team Belarus? In a recent interview, all-star goaltender and team manager of Belarus had these words to say about the matter, "We have been looking for a player that can score in the clutch, we feel that Phonz can provide our team with such attributes." On the other hand, Countrytime player Joe Calvao had a different opinion on Alphonse's playing status, "Phonz stinks, we don't need him....ever" Well, folks, I'll provide more information as this story develops.

BUTTERNUT NEWS- The controversy of Butternut IV continues, as futher video review shows that Ryan Alphonse's actually did not score in Game 1 of the Finals. In spite of the evidence, Team Cheat persists to deny the rightful Butternut champs of a re-shootout. During a ESPN Classic press-conference, former Butternut Champion Andrew O'Keefe gave these words, "Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew and dog will have his day."

UPDATE: Butternut V will be played during Thanksgiving weekend. Though the number of teams is unknown, the anticipation and constipation for the tournament is astronomical. Many big questions remain of who is playing and who is playing for whom, yet one thing is still for certain: Bowman sucks...Hehe, did you notice I used the word constipation to describe the Butternut...Well, if you didn't then read it again 'cause I did...seriously... ... ... Bowman sucks again.

NEWS:The Country Time Classic is coming. Who will stop the Country Time Dynasty? NEWS: It's Pantless Man Time! NEWS: 50,000 Mountain Dew's were originally in the dispenser...1 is missing. NEWS:Boobs! GAME TIME! Click here for here and post your score on the comments page

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