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Without a question,
the best car ever driven by James Bond. Astonished by Aston
Martin DB-5 after driving it himself, Ian Fleming introduced the
car in his book. With only a few secrets, Fleming's car was to
undergo major renovations before it appeared in Goldfinger. The
car had the following features:

License Plates-valid in all countries

Rear, and Side windows

Reception-on the dashboard, receiving the signal from a
magnetic homing device, with a range of 150 miles

Shredders-electrically operated and retractable, built
into wheel hubs

Seat-a passenger ejector seat activated by a red button
hidden atop a gear shift knob

Mechanisms-built into the armrest, including left and
right front-wing machine guns, smoke screen, oil slick,
and a switch to raise the rear bulletproof screen