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2ème Bac. | May 2013

[°_°]    Language Test    [°_°]

  1. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form.        {3 points}

    1. I don’t really know how [fry] an egg.   
    2. By the time you read my letter. I [go] away for ever.    
    3. She burnt the letter after she [read] it.    
    4. They enjoyed [tease] the passers by.   
    5. You needn't [sign] those papers if you don't want to.    
    6. They [wait] for hours before the boss received them.    

  2. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.        {5 points}
    1. I left early because I had an important appointment.
    2. They used to make fun of her.
    3. "I am leaving this office next month." The manager said.
      The manager told them
    4. She won't participate in the championship because she is sick.
      Due to
    5. "I lost my precious ring!" She said sadly.
      She wishes

  3. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.        {3 points}

    1. We must omit this idea because it is [relevant] to our topic.    
    2. He is very [ enthusiasm] about his role in the play.    
    3. Nobody seems to care about the young [talent] writers.    
    4. The [strong] of any nation is in its values.    
    5. We must not interpret his tolerance as a sign of [inferior] writers.    
    6. The [develop] of rural areas is the civil society's primary duty.    

  4. Match the words that go together to make collocations:        {2 points}

    1. note a. learning1.
    2. critical b. thinking2.
    3. activec. solving3.
    4. problem d.taking4.

    Collocations for the Bac. >>

  5. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions from the list.        {1 point}

    duty portfolio citizen compulsory

    1. I don't know if filling in this gap is or optional.   
    2. It's our to protect and preserve our environment.    

  6. Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the gap.        {2 points}

    1. We missed the first class. We (should - shouldn't - should have) come earlier.   
    2. If I were asked, I (will - would - would have) choose the second one.    

  7. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list.        {2 points}

    set up go through turn down stand for set off

    1. Ali: What does OMG ?    
      Brahim: Oh my God!
    2. They decided to him because he has no obvious skills.    

    Phrasal Verbs List+explanation+examples

  8. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.        {2 points}

    a. cause & effect b. purpose c. complaining d. apologizing e. regret f. request g. clarification

    1. I'm sorry to say this but you are talking too loud. 1.
    2. I'm sorry. I didn't get the last part.2.
    3. I am so sorry for bothering you. 3.
    4. I shouldn't have been rude with them.4.

    All functions


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