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     Do you know happiness?
              Well, if you do, tell us ...
                            What makes you happy?

            Sorrow and unhealthiness never show up in your life unless you are not capable of creating moments of happiness from whatever things you can get. For me, so much of my happiness is due to very simple reasons. Actually anything can make me happy like agreeable people, sufficient money or a glass of mint tea.

            First, friendly people are an essential cause of happiness for me. Whenever I have them around me, this cheers me up and lifts my spirits. Nice people are an exhaustible source of power, pleasure and joy. However, nasty people can take this happiness away. The moment I don't meet this category of people is a great moment of pleasure. I guess Oscar Wild has expressed it well when he said, "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go."

            Money also can make me happy. When I have enough of it, I am satisfied. I can help out the poor, and make them happy; and if they are happy, I am happy as well. Actually money doesnít bring about happiness, but it is a important factor in making my life happy. This is so only when money becomes a means to achieve great humanitarian goals. If it canít make me happy, I will surely be a poor man who has only money.

            Lastly, a glass of tea with good company is far enough to fill me with passion about life. Like most humble people, I can create happiness from very simple things like a hot cup of tea. Happiness is always there whenever I am in front of a silver tray with a hot teapot full of mint and golden glasses in it while my beloved people and I exchange jokes and laughs.

            To sum up, Sorrow avoids you when you have good friends, enough money and let's say a well made glass of tea. No doubt there are plenty of ways to get happy, but these are just a few of a long list of things which render me glad, easy going, cheerful and blissful. Pursuing or -better- creating happiness doesnít require much. Simple things can do the trick, but we generally like to ignore and miss them. Therefore, it is advisable to always try to seize the moment which summons happiness; it's an occasion which doesnít come along so frequently in life.

Don't try to pursue Happiness, just create it!