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School Work & Holiday Management!

By: Mubarak Abdessalami

         Because school work is constantly a hard task and a burden for the students because of its strict time schedule, long hours study, different school subjects, tests, exams and permanent homework, it becomes ultimately imperative to have holidays from time to time for the students to have a break. However, many of our students take the holiday for a complete rupture with all that is related to learning. They think that the holiday means forgetting about study, and just idling. So they rarely are interested in anything except for amusement and games. Some of these activities are actually instructive but the problem is in the students' attitudes towards time management. They seldom envisage the importance of gaining some intellectual profit from all that. The grown-ups, on the other hand, do hardly ever supervise their children's holiday activities. Given that the schools have closed up, the students have the right to enjoy themselves because they deserve a period of relaxation and rest after a long tiresome academic year work.

         The concept is wrong this way. Our perception of the way holidays should be managed is a basic element to organize our children's lives and help them weigh up and exploit time quite effectively and wisely. Thus, we must look upon the holiday from another angle. Doing nothing, except for playing, renders the holiday more tedious and dull, and perhaps as tense as the school work itself. This arrangement makes it possible for boredom and stress to invade our children's lives. Therefore the awareness of the importance of having a rest after a hard work has to be discussed seriously with the students. Excess in everything is not good at all. Too much work as well as too much leisure are both distressing factors. We need to get used to establishing a sort of equilibrium between our school work and the fact that relaxation is quite necessary but of a certain level of significance, otherwise relaxation may be shoddier than work itself. Leisure doesn't mean playing all the time or, worse, inactivity.

         All in all, the holiday is neither school continuance nor a total break with it. It should be an instructive holiday void of stressors. Thus the holiday management is the huge task for both students and their parents. They should reflect seriously about how the holiday has to be spent. Some people think of going somewhere, like the coast, the mountain or elsewhere. Traveling doesn't solve the problem because it is not an end in itself. It is only a part of the holiday project as a whole. Another question may rise, notably, what could be done once there?! Swimming, playing games or cards or chess will, with time be, as tedious as work. These are more ideas of how one should plan to take profit from one's holiday.

There are many other things we tend to the practice and in cool from our hobbies like,

In many ways the holiday could enrich our knowledge about ourselves and about the world around us. Some students may want to make searches about animal or insect behavior or just to make some experiments on plants or to do some computer programming. I wonder why some people get easily fed up with work but never with indolence. They never try to change their vacation into a fruitful project. Some people, sometimes, get profit from practising and trying to improve their hobbies.

         Hobbies such as, Philately, post-card collection, gaining new friends throughout the world, growing plants, coaching a pet, reading, writing, making research and so forth are fields of free time exploitation. They will, surely, make of our holiday a profitable moment not a stressful, boring period of time. Moreover, this will have our children to get used to well-managing their time and get to know the reason of their existence. They are really lucky those who enjoy doing something. Jubran khalil jubran, a famous Lebanese writer once said, "The hands which make thorns are better than lazy hands." He wanted to say that people should not waste their time because, as it is universally known, time is precious.


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