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~ E.B.P and W.W.W ~

What is E.B.P?!

            English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is tremendously growing and changing on the level of its context. The increasing demands on Specific jobs and occupations have broadened the freedom and the expansion of this methodology to supervise and manage all student based reasons for learning. ESP branches spread out to be so numerous and specific that almost all learners needs become at their disposition thanks to the flexibility of this approach to teaching. It is progressively adjusting to increased demand by adapting to all sorts of learning and all fields of study: Chemistry, technology, social studies, physical education and so on. ESP is thus the miraculous key which can open all the doors in front of academic and professional learners. EST, EAD, EAP, EOP, EVP, etc...

What does E.B.P stand for?

            If you read this acronym as English for Business Purposes, it's O.K. But this same acronym could be read this way: English for Begging Purposes. It is not a joke; isn't begging a super business?!. EBP could be seen in terms of two categories:
  1. Legal begging institutions (like associations).
  2. Individual begging investments (an illegal activity)

            Begging techniques have evolved a lot in the last decades. As a business, begging consists of persuasion and convincing strategies; which require fluency and eloquent language (Having the power of expressing strong emotions or forcible arguments in an elevated, impassioned, and effective manner; [Webster 1913]) able to adapt to all circumstances. Begging in front of a hospital is not the same as it is in front of a Mosque or in the marketplace. That's why the language is a basic factor in begging disciplines especially in front of hotels, bars, restaurants, and historical monuments. The beggar should be a good linguist or, at least, a bilingual. Besides this, people who invest in this flourishing business should be without three good friends:

  1. Dignity
  2. Self-esteem or self-respect.
  3. Contentment.

            The art of begging is obviously a paying off vocation. Beggars are generally not in need of money. They are not poor in the original sense of the word. They are simply greedy and lazy. They want to earn easy money in return of few senseless foolish omens, wishes and supplications. Most societies chase them especially if they are able to work. Furthermore, it is an illegal activity forbidden by the law.

            EBP comes on purpose to help a lot at undertaking begging in a legal way. It offers a well designed program based essentially on the following:

            All in all learners will be satisfied with the quality of teaching methods. They are promised a conscious, explicit and articulated approach to learning the begging art in all situations, conditions and circumstances. Most importantly, EBP emphasizes an active responsible and investigative approach to self-study and learning.

            EBP holds the emblem of "The Beggar Will Be Bigger". That's because it consists of two major factors notably social and psychological. It is adaptable to the learner's needs and interests by training outside the classroom emphasizing the notion of the learner's independence and autonomy. It also takes into consideration the economic side by studying the labor market in terms of supply and demand. Current practice in EBP follows a language skill approach with a lot of time given to beseeching and supplicating speaking as the paramount skill. More overt emphasis could be given to other skills (depending on the learner's needs and personal abilities, readiness and acceptability)

            Even though this article seems sarcastic, it is not really that out of the ordinary. Because of money, there are many web private sites ("Universities") which offer such fields of study. They are ready to teach anything and give diploma on condition you regularly pay the fees. All What We Want is "learnable", begging strategies included. If no web site had integrated EBP openly in its curriculum yet, it would have been only because the term "begging" is a little bit socially despised. So they give it new names and propagate it as a good investment: "How to earn money without much effort" is one of the mottos used. The internet is full of disguised begging projects. They often make recourse to cheating and fraud. Begging is exchanging nothing for money. That's why ESP will soon flourish and invades all the world school systems.