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1ère Bac. Sc.| May. 2016

Language Test

  1. Put in the negative
    1. We have revised our lessons.
    2. My parents went to France.

  2. Choose the right answer
    1. The child (Whose / Who) sings beautifully is my cousin.
    2. I love having a walk early (at / on / in) the morning.

  3. Fill in the blank with

    for / since

    1. The kids have been watching TV 9 O'clock this morning.
    2. He has been fixing his bike 9 hours.

  4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form
    1. They (organize) a big concert in 2000.
    2. Aya (visit) 7 European countries so far.
    3. If you go to bed early, you (miss) the movie.
    4. Jerry ate the cheese while Tom (have) a nap.

  5. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word from the list:

    before|after|as a result|because

    1. I love eating my mother's couscous it is delicious.
    2. I had a big dinner last night; , I didn't sleep well.

  6. Fill in the blank with

    too / enough

    1. He didn't meet us because he was busy.
    2. Do you think this test is long to do in 30 minutes?

  7. Choose the right answer
    1. Last night, I read a (motivated / motivating) story.
    2. We studied lots of subjects today. We are all (tired / tiring)

  8. What do you mean?
    1. They used to help me with maths. | They
    2. Brahim used to visit us. | Brahim

  9. Rewrite these sentences with the words given
    1. Someone is advising the kids.
      The kids

    2. They will interview you.

    3. Someone locked the door.
      The door

  10. Match the letters with the numbers
    1. I guess Ifran is the cleanest town in Morocco. a. request 1.
    2. Why don't you go to bed for a rest? b. advice2.
    3. Please, will you format this PC for me?. c. opinion3.

    A student's paper

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