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1ère Bac. Sc.| May 2015

(^_^)    Language Test    (^_^)

  1. Choose the right answer
    1. This is the reason (which / why) I revised my lessons regularly.
    2. This is the village (where / which) the book describes in detail.

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form
    1. I (send) you the money only two hours ago.
    2. (ever / eat) couscous without using a spoon?
    3. If you (buy) this PC, you wouldn’t regret it.
    4. If you eat junk food everyday, you (get) sick.

  3. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word from the list
    that's whybeforeafterbecause
    1. We missed the school bus we woke up late.
    2. They went to bed early they slept well that night.

  4. Fill in the blanks with ~ too OR enough ~
    1. I couldn't understand her as she speaks fast.
    2. They never allow us time to do tests.

  5. Put in the negative
    1. She has seen a ghost.
    2. The kids broke the vase.

  6. Choose the right answer
    1. He never revises (his / he's) lessons because he is lazy.
    2. I have read an (interested / interesting) book recently.
    3. It is almost always (bored / boring) to chat on the internet.

  7. What do you mean?
    1. They don't respect old people any more. They
    2. We no longer travel on horseback. We

  8. Rewrite these sentences with the words given
    1. Someone sends me books.

    2. They are fixing the window pane right now.
      The windowpane

    3. Someone will build a park in this area.
      A park

  9. Fill in the blanks with: for OR since
    1. Leila has studied medicine seven years
    2. We have been working on this project last year.

  10. Match the letters with the numbers
    1. To my mind, this quiz is tough.a. request.1.
    2. Will you pass the salt, please?b. opnion.2.
    3. Why don't you just set back and wait? c. advice.3.

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