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This is a pretty straight forward installation. Start by draining a little water from the radiator. The drain valve is on the passenger side of the radiator on mine. The trick here is to take your time removing the components of that are in your way. You may choose not to remove the throttle body. I'm glad I did; I found mine was leaking due to poor torque on the bolts.

Carefully clean the old gasket material off the thermostat opening. Use a new gasket when reinstalling the thermostat housing. Don't overtighten the bolts. Torque them to the correct torque setting. I used 25 ft/lbs.

The car runs much cooler now. I have had no problems with engine performance or gas mileage. I recently took a 300 mile trip and averaged 23mpg overall. This is a good "starter" project if you have never dug into your engine. You should be able to do this in a couple of hours. GOOD LUCK!