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Ignition Upgrades

Just got finished installing the basic ignition system upgrades. I installed ACCEL performance plugs, ACCEL 8mm suppression wires, an ACCEL Performance Coil, and Hypertech Performance Cap and Rotor. All upgrades were very straight-forward although the plugs are a little hard to get to on this engine.

After removing the TPI distributor cover, replacing the HEI external coil and distributor cap were very easy. I opted to file off the original coil bracket from the factory coil and bolt it to the performance coil. The factory bracket is much sturdier than the one in the kit. When replacing the cap and first removed the hold down screws for the old cap, transferred the wires to the new cap and reinstalled. No wondering which wire goes were that way. Just transfer one at a time after finding a reference point on each cap. The rotor just pops right off. My cap looked OK on the outside, but was scored and had some carbon tracking on the inside.

48,000 VOLTS

Up close of the external HEI ACCEL performance coil. After installing just plug the modular wires back up and replace the coil to distributor cap wire. I noticeable difference on post-mod test drive.