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The first modification I made was to make a Cold Air Intake to replace the restrictive stock airbox. I have included pictures so you can see how I did it.

1. 3" 90 Degree Rubber Elbow (Lowes $10.95)
2. 3" Straight Rubber PVC Pipe Connector (Lowes $3.95)
3. 12" inches of 3" diam. Aluminized Muffler pipe (Autozone $5.95)
4. Air Filter with 3" receiver end (Autozone $24.00)

1. Remove all stock air-box stuff.
2. Retain the MAF and 45 deg. elbow.
3. Cut a hole under where the stock airbox was.
4. Mate the MAF to the filter using the 45 deg elbow.
5. Mate the 90 deg. rubber elbow to the intake.
6. Position everything to determine what length to cut the muffler pipe too. (mine was 11 1/4 inches)
7. Insert the muffle pipe. Tighten all the clamps.
8. Start the car, check for leaks and make sure the engine light doesn't come on.
9. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

I used a 3 inch EZ-ELL rubber plumbing connector from Lowes hardware. This rubber connector is for connecting PVC pipe. It is heavy gauge rubber and will withstand the heat better than PVC pipe elbows. I had to trim the end a little to get it to go into the stock rubber connector.

This is the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor that must be retained if your car has one. This provides the air-flow information to the onboard computer. The car will not run right if you leave this piece out and your "service engine soon" light will come on and it will throw a MAF code. I used the small stock 45 degree connector to mate the MAF to the new filter.

Here is a close-up of the 3 inch straight connector that I used to mate the 3 inch aluminized muffler pipe to the MAF. This also came from Lowes is made of nice heavy-duty rubber. Provides a leak-free, flexible connection.