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The Before Pictures

Here are the before pictures of the car. She is a 1987 Trans Am with a 305 TPI V8, T700R4 tranny, and lots of hale damage. I've already put new rubber on her, 225/60/15 ZIEX Falkens. I also couldn't wait to put a custom cold-air intake on it. My own design with help from postings at

Front of the Car

Here is a shot of the Right Front. Lots of hail damage on the hood and fenders. The paint is peeling away because the clearcoat was cracked. The body is in good condition otherwise.


I've already put Accel 8mm plug wires on the car and Accel Hi Performance plugs in. Also had lots of trouble with the headlights to finally narrow it down to the modulator on the firewall. Also the turn signals had the wrong bulbs in them and were blowing the fuses.

Custom Cold-Air Intake

Here is the custom Cold-Air Intake that I designed and put on this weekend for about $43.00. The rubber connectors are from the local hardware connectors. That is a piece of 3" steel muffler pipe connecting it all up. Also notice the MAF sensor is retained in the stock position and it mated to the Hi-Flow Air Filter. Cone style that flows from the side and front.


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