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            We Thank You for purchasing your product through General_Designs, and we promise this is all you will need to start a business.

   We are one of the only legitimate companies online as well as ebay selling our clientele information.  We provide download links to 13 different lists (over 5mb) when cheap spoofed competitors provide 1.  As a paying customer you will always have access to our download site, so you can always check for updates, and other lists.  Have fun and good luck with your business.  


Most popular list of wholesalers below, leave
     customers always satisfied.

  1. WholeSale List 200++ PLUSPAGES
  2. Rolex List


Other Given retailers and wholesaler lists  
          because you made your purchase with General_Designs

  1.     Car And Home Audio
  2.     Car Audio
  3.     Car Audio Video
  5.     Car Audio 2
  6.     DVD Distributors List
  7.     Everything Wholesale Directory
  8.     Misc. lists
  9.     Tips to Wholesale Selling
  10.     Wholesale List 1
  11.     Wholesale Video Games