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Tiger Totem

If you are drawn to the tiger, have dreams of the tiger, relate to the tiger, it gives insight into what is happening in your life and the kind of person you are.

The tiger is a solitary spirit, protecting its territory and coming together to mate and raise their young. In this aspect, you are a person who needs plenty of "space". You can feel suffocated easily by one who does not understand this. You are very loyal, loving and sensual, but must be with someone who really understands you.

The tiger is a nocturnal animal and gives those with the "spirit of the tiger" a special power during the night hours. Your creativity is enhanced during those hours. The tiger is also connected to the new and full moon and the phases of the moon can influence you greatly. You should learn more about the power of the moon and how to use its various phases to the best advantage in your life.

As with most cats, the tiger is a sensual creature. It stretches, it muscles are smooth and sleek, it rubs against trees, other cats, and is very sensitive to touch. A tiger spirit person has a great feeling of touch and could learn psychometry very easily. This person also is sensitive to the touch of others and can be very sensual in physical relationships.

Unlike most of the cat family, the tiger loves swimming and will often just lay in the water and enjoy it. The tiger spirit person has an affinity for water and often lives near the water or would like to. The water element is one of psychic ability and emotional elements. You can be overly sensitive and emotional, but if you call upon the power and knowledge of the tiger, you can control your life.

The tiger is a free spirit and loves to roam and experience new things. The tiger spirit is adventurous and loves to travel and experience new cultures, learn new philosophies, meet new people and yet can still maintain that "solitary" image and feeling. And yet the tiger has very strong ties to its young. The tiger spirit has great motherly devotion and raises and teaches their children all that they can while the children are within their territory.

Tigers hunt silently and slowly and this can be a very beneficial trait to learn in the tiger spirit life. Weigh things carefully, don't be in too much of a hurry, At the time in your life when the tiger spirit speaks, slow down and become deliberate in your choices. If you feel you are being selfish, that is probably for your own good. Everyone must learn to "do for themselves" before they can help others. You may also find yourself interested in certain intellectual pursuits that have not previously appealed to you. Follow your instincts. The tiger is a great leader.