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Pi Scavenger Hunt

Stephanie Thetford


Have you ever wandered how much information about Pi you can find on the Internet? This scavenger hunt will send you on an Internet adventure to find a wide variety of Pi topics, information and fun activities to prepare for Pi Day on March 14 (3/14).

You will find information using search engines and resources from this page to find items on the Scavenger Hunt List. Print out a copy of the Scavenger Hunt List so you can check off items as you locate them. The total points possible for each question are listed. All links to the resources are provided. Save all of your work in a folder named pihunt.

Let's get started...




Scavenger Hunt List

1.   Find the number of decimal places of Pi that has been calculated since 1999. (5 points)

2.   What famous mathematician was born on March 14? (3 points)

3.   Find a Pi song and perform it for the class. Save a copy in your folder. (8 points)

4.   Find a Pi poem or any math poem to read to the class. Save it in your folder. (6 points)

5.   Look up the first 120,000 digits of Pi. What is the 50th digit? (5 points)

6.   Find your favorite Pi joke . Be prepared to tell it to the class. Save it in your folder. (5 points)

7.   Copy and paste a math comic into your folder. (4 points)

8.   What is the location of your birthdate in Pi? your address? (5 points)

9.   What day is celebrated on July 22? (4 points)

10.                     Name 5 important facts about Pi. See Dr. Math . (5 points)

11.                     Send me a Pi day Greeting Card . ( (10 points)

12.                     Visit this site, print out and answer the Problem of the Week . (10 points)

13.                     Can you use Pi to find the height of an elephant ? (10 points)

14.                     Find some Pi art and save it in your folder to show the class. (5 points)